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You really managed to inspire a whole range of ages, boys and girls, from Year 7 through to Sixth Formers



Glorious Grammar!

Sometimes, spelling, punctuation and grammar can be quite a dry subject to teach and learn.
Dan wanted Jamie Johnson to help and has teamed up with a great English teacher called Adam Bernard to support this process.
These resources are based on the book Jamie Johnson: Born To Play, which is a special prequel to the Jamie Johnson series.
It was the story that the first season of the Jamie Johnson TV show was based on.

There are a range of simple but important challenges which will help the teaching and learning of spelling, grammar and punctuation.
You will find a pupils’ version of the resources with spaces left for their answers and a teachers’ version too, with all the answers provided.

Feel free to print these off and use in class. We hope this helps!

Resources For All The Books

Please make full use of these fantastic teaching resources based around the JJ books.
Rowena Simmons and English Teachers at the Academies Enterprise Trust have been devised these resources.
I love the fact that the JJ books are being used in classrooms up and down the country so do let me know how you get on with them. If you develop any resources of your own do let me know and I can include them here too.

The Kick Off

The start of Jamie Johnson’s football career. He’s got so much to prove, The pressure’s on, but has Jamie got what it takes?

Shoot to Win

Jamie’s got everything to play for  – scouts from top clubs are coming to watch him play! This is his big chance and he can’t wait to show off his latest move but the new coach is bearing a grudge…Has Jamie missed his chance?

Additional Resources

Golden Goal

There’s a massive buzz around Jamie Johnson. His dreams of becoming a professional footballer seem to be coming true. But, just when he seems close to living the dream, a shocking event turns his world upside down…

Man of the Match

Jamie Johnson is fast becoming the most popular player in the country. He’s playing the best football of his career for his beloved Hawkstone. But life at the top of the league isn’t as easy as it seems..And Hawkstone are about to sign a new winger…

World Class

It’s the big one! The World Cup Finals beckon for Jamie Johnson but first he must answer a huge question: Which country will he play for? With brand new characters and more jaw-dropping footy action, Dan Freedman and Jamie Johnson return on very top form.

Final Whistle

This was the team of teams. The club of clubs. And now they wanted him to join them.” A transfer to the best club in the world beckons for Jamie Johnson. This is big. This is huge! However, a time bomb is already ticking within Jamie…Is the final whistle about to blow?

Additional Resources

Skills from Brazil

Before the packed stadiums. Before the international play. Before the bright lights. Jamie Johnson had to learn to play from the best. Jamie is in his last year of primary school and loves being the best footballer in school. He’s the only one that could possible lead the students to victory in their annual game against the teachers.



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