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If you are a fan of Dan’s books and would like to be in touch with him you can email him (address below). Dan responds to every message he gets and really appreciates you taking the time to write to him.

If you have a question about, or would like to discuss matters relating to rights, public appearances or media enquiries you can reach him directly by email at:


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You can write to Dan about Jamie Johnson at:

Dan Freedman c/o Publicity Department
Scholastic Children’s Books
Euston House
24 Eversholt Street
London NW1 1DB

You can write to Dan about Unstoppable at:

Dan Freedman c/o
David Fickling Books
31 Beaumont Street

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My former editor, Sarah Stewart, has recently launched The Lighthouse Children’s Literary Consultancy. So, if you have written a book and you would like help getting it published, check out their website at:

Dan Freedman

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Dan Freedman


Creator of Jamie Johnson, author of Unstoppable and trying his hand at poetry too...


Dan gives inspiring talks to schools, football clubs and corporations across the UK and America.


Partnerships include Premier League Primary Stars, Wicked Young Writer Awards and Youth Sport Trust.