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The themes tackled in the book are very relevant and link into the pressures that many current Year 6s may come up against in the future.



Unstoppable is fast becoming a story which teachers, coaches and parents are using as a platform to facilitate key conversations with young people.

Unstoppable teaching Resource

Here are some cross-curricular teaching resources, which all teachers may find helpful.

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University of Oxford’s Exploration of key themes in Unstoppable

Sibling relationships, rivalries and resilience are all big topics in Unstoppable.

Expert psychologist Professor Lucy Bowes, from the University of Oxford, shares her insights with us.

Resources to develop students’ critical essay writing skills

Using Unstoppable as a tool to develop students’ critical essay writing skills, understanding the central concerns of a novel, interpretation skills and empathy. These terrific resources have been created Claire McVittie, Teacher of English at St Kentigern’s Academy in West Lothian, Scotland.

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Additional worksheets available to download (Microsoft Word Files):
How My Thinking Has Changed
Curriculum Vitae

Factual and Reflective Questions

And here are some factual and reflective questions about the story and the characters which could prompt some insightful and important discussions.

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Parental Pressure in Sport

This is one of the key themes explored in Unstoppable and might make for some very interesting classroom discussions. Jo De Guia of Forest School has put together these fantastic resources which provide a great platform to discuss this subject with your students. Feel free to use and develop as best fits your school and students.

With thanks to Jo for this very thoughtful collection of articles, extracts, songs and ideas.

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Medium Term Learning Plan

Here is a scheme of work designed for English teachers to use with Year 7 students over a period of weeks.

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Case study

The Blackpool Football Club Community Trust have created an outstanding programme for Year 6 pupils that uses Unstoppable to tackle sensitive, relevant issues faced by adolescents. The programme has been delivered to several primary schools for 1 hour a week over a 6-week period. The children read the book to a certain point in order to access the lessons.

Here is an article from Teach Primary on the incredible impact the project is having, helping pupils understand themselves better, leading to enhanced behavior.

TES review

How Unstoppable opened up an important conversation between one English Teacher and her Year 10 students

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