Hopefully my visit has been a good one (all feedback is welcome). Now is the time to build on it.

Build Lessons Around The JJ Books

Now the pupils know me and the story behind the books, it’s a great time to continue to or begin using them as part of your lessons. Here is the link to all the teaching resources.

If you devise your own lesson plans, please send them to me so I can make them available to other schools.

More books

If you need more books for prizes, there are the traditional routes or let me know if you would like signed copies. Any reviews of the books on Amazon are always appreciated.

Reviews of the Day

It’s often a good follow-up exercise for the pupils to write a piece reviewing the day and what they got from it. This could be used for the school website. I’m happy to answer any further questions in this regard.

Or, better still, you could send the best one into the local paper (along with any pics) It’s a great chance for a budding writer to get their name in the newspaper for the first time..

Send any good pieces of writing to me and will also post them on this website.


Taking JJ To The Next Level

If the pupils are inspired, there are some more imaginative ways to channel this motivation.

From an artistic point of view, you could set the challenge of designing and naming the next book in the Jamie Johnson series.  Or why not work with your Art & DT Departments to design a kit – home and/or away – or maybe book covers.

From a writing point of view, ask them to write the next chapter of Final Whistle, a book that climaxes with a cliff-hanger ending.

Or why not set the challenge of creating a video trailer for the Jamie Johnson series? Pupils can work in teams. Here are some examples.

Trailer for the JJ books by Maltings Academy

Trailer for Final Whistle by Aylward Academy

Trailer for Final Whistle by Clacton Coastal Academy

Again, send me any good ones.

Or, if we’re thinking really creatively, how about a Play based on the JJ books?  In 2016 with the Olympics being held in Brazil I would truly love to see some school plays based on Skills from Brazil. It could be a great project for staff and pupils to work on together.  If you do put on a play, let me know and I’ll do my best to come along to see it.

Meanwhile…..here (for students in Year 10 and above, as some of the content is quite edgy) is the script for a great little Play called YOU CAN which was in part based on my story of loving football and wanting to get a career in it…

The Future

I’m very happy to stay in touch with schools that I have visited and hear about pupils’ progress. I’m on Twitter and Facebook: @danfreedman99 or Jamie Johnson Facebook Group

It would be a pleasure to come back for another visit in the future. As it happens, visits seem to get even better the second time around!