Dan and The Football Academy at St Gregory's School in Kent
Dan and The Football Academy at St Gregory’s School in Kent

If the JJ books have ignited a passion in your pupils, you can use these terrific teaching resources to base lessons and classroom discussions around the stories and the subjects they cover.

Three of the most popular books in the series, Born to Play,  The Kick Off and Skills from Brazil, have some fantastic lesson plans to use. Check out the resources below for-

Born to Play

The Kick off

Skills from Brazil

They have been developed by Rowena Simmons and her team the Academies Enterprise Trust, to whom I owe a great debt of thanks.

Whilst they have been constructed with Secondary Schools and the National Curriculum in mind, there are more than enough ideas here for some great lessons in Primary Schools too.

Please recommend to other schools and any networks of which you are a part and let me know what you think.

banner-bornBorn to Play …

Jamie Johnson is having a tough time at school.  The bullies won’t let him play football at break, his best mate is at another school and the weirdest kid in class won’t leave him alone.  Right now, he needs his football skills more than ever …..

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The Kick Off

The start of Jamie Johnson’s football career. He’s got so much to prove, The pressure’s on, but has Jamie got what it takes?

The Kick OffClick here to download the Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources for this book

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Skills from Brazil

Before the packed stadiums. Before the international play. Before the bright lights. Jamie Johnson had to learn to play from the best. Jamie is in

Skills from Brasilhis last year of primary school and loves being the best footballer in school. He’s the only one that could possible lead the students to victory in their annual game against the teachers.

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Eni smiles The Kick Off
Defoe with Golden Goal

Joe Hart with Final Whistle