I have been getting lots of schools sending in stories lately and here’s another two fantastic pieces of writing.  Well done to Kara and Elle from Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy for sending in these amazing stories.  Keep up the good work!







Jamie’s heart was throbbing harder than ever before as he felt his feet sink into the mud of the field. The crisp wind softly blew through his hair, sending shivers all over him. “What do you think you’re doing?” a rough voice growled. Jamie slowly looked up at a tall figure towering over him.  Dillon’s piercing brown eyes were staring into his soul. “Well, look who we
have here! Why are you here pipsqueak?” snarled Dillon. “It’s….It’s a free country”, Jamie muttered whilst standing up to face Dillon. “You little….!” Dillon growled while grinding his teeth.  Dillon grabbed Jamie’s shirt with unbelievable strength. He could feel his green shirt with the school name spread across it start to stretch. “Let go or I’ll!” yelled Jamie. “You’ll what?” barked Dillon, “Go cry”. “Dillon!” yelled a rough voice. “It’s your turn, get on that field!”
Kara Tinkler, Year 7 Lord Lawson



Jamie steps onto the soft green grass, his studs firmly gripping into the ground. Suddenly Jamie hears a voice. “Hey Johnson, I told you not to show up.” Shouts Dillon. “You don’t scare me Dillon so don’t tell me what to do.” Jamie storms away, grabbing a ball and dribbling over to his grandad Mike. “Let’s go Jamie, focus.” “I’m ready Mike.” Jamie says confidently.  That’s my boy, show them what you’re made of.”  Jamie runs onto the pitch, staring straight into Dillon’s blue, ice cold eyes.  He stares down the left wing, planning his every move. The whistle blows.  Jamie called for the ball.  It wasn’t until 23 minutes into the game when Jamie got his first touch.
Elle Chipperfield, Year 7 Lord Lawson

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