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Sometimes I’m lucky enough to be asked to visit professional football clubs and speak to their academy players about books, reading, writing, JJ and football.

The clubs feel it’s important that, while the players are with them, they get a good all-round education. I always enjoy these sessions because, in working with the academy players, I’m in essence meeting the real Jamie Johnsons, so it’s great to help support their progression and education.

Brighton and Hove Albion, in particular, is a club doing wonderful things both on and off the pitch at the moment and I’m pleased to say that their Under 12s are not only exceptional footballers but also very talented young writers too.

I set their squad the task of writing their own Jamie Johnson story and was delighted to see that each and every one of the young players got into the spirit of it.

Check out their work and remember their names as you may be hearing about their footballing or writing (or both!) exploits again in the future…

Thanks to everyone at the club for your support and wishing you all the best for 2017.

Stories from the real Jamie Johnsons

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