Each month we profile some of the biggest Jamie Johnson fans from around the globe. They become a ‘JJ Fan Of The Month.’ This fan could come to our attention in several different ways, for example, at a school Dan attends, a piece of writing he or she sends to Dan, or a fan-mail or letter that they have sent. Each month, a winner (or winners- it might be joint) is chosen! We like to have an interview with the winner as well.

Congratulations to Julian, who came to our attention after Dan received a kind email from him. He is July’s Fan Of The Month!

Name:- Julian

How old are you?:- 13

Why do you like the books?:- They contain amazing storylines and are great to read!

What is your favourite Jamie Johnson book and why?:- I don’t have a favourite, as they all make me feel like I’m in a completely different world!

Which football team do you support?:- I don’t support a team, however I do like Tottenham.

Which player reminds you most of JJ?:- Well, it’ll have to be a player that is aiming to be a great player, so maybe a player from an unknown team trying to get to the top?

What is the best goal you have ever seen?:- This was when my friend slipped over and accidently kicked the ball behind him into the goal!

JJ wears the Number 11 shirt. What number do you wear?:- I wear number 3.

If you had the choice to play for either Scotland or England at a World Cup, who would you pick? England.

If you could play for any football team, in the real or JJ World, who would it be? I’d play for Tottenham.

You are the manager of a 5 aside football team. Which 5 players, real or fictional, will you sign and in which formation will they play? I’m not sure about the formation but I’d sign Hugo Lloris, Chris Smalling, Dele Alli, Daniel Sturridge and Lionel Messi.

What do you think happened at the end of Final Whistle?:- This is a wild guess, and sounds bonkers! I think that after the game, Jamie got kidnapped by a thief, who locks Jamie in a boiler room for two weeks. Then Jamie finds a tunnel, which leads to a football pitch. This turns out to be near his house, so he goes back home, and phones the police and the thief turns out to be Neymar, who gets arrested and locked up in jail.

Do you watch the JJ TV Series, and, if so, who is your favourite character? I have watched it a few times, and my favourite character is Boggy, as his personality is interesting.

If you could ask JJ one question, what would it be? If you could coach any football team, which would it be and why?

Are you a big JJ fan or do you know one? They could be the next JJ Fan of the Month like Julian! Email Dan at!

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