Hi, my name is Allan Smith. I’m fifteen years old and have been a big fan of the JJ series growing up.  I met Dan when he came to visit my school and now he’s given me the chance to write on his website.  My article today is on…




Each week Dan and Allan go head to head predicting Premier League scores and preview the key matches of the week. Jamie Johnson’s pick of the week features a top four battle between league leaders Chelsea and off the back of a Manchester Derby win, and on hot form, Manchester United.



 Chelsea vs Manchester United  

Dan 1-1

Allan 1-1


Ashley Young. Jamie Johnson in disguise? This photo ' Young takes a corner' is copywrite (c) 2009 by Nick*
Ashley Young when playing for Aston Villa. Jamie Johnson in disguise?

A win for both teams in this fans’ favourite match would provide security more or less for either Manchester United, to secure a Champions League position, or for Chelsea to run away with the title.  With the Reds on excellent form, they look to be unstoppable.  Van Gaal’s team claimed bragging rights last week with four goals against their Manchester rivals, while the Blues escaped a draw with relegation strugglers QPR with a late goal from Cesc Fabregas.  One Manchester United player who surprised everyone was Ashley Young, who had obviously been reading the Jamie Johnson series and picked up a few notes from another left footed winger.  Chelsea have been dominant this season, however a team playing as well as LVG’s men could potentially steal a victory.


Leicester vs Swansea

Dan 2:2

Allan  1:1

Leicester have won two games in a row and although they are still bottom of the table after their previous results against West Brom and West Ham, their fight for survival is on.  The Foxes do not go down without a fight.

Manchester City Vs West Ham

Dan 2-1

Allan  2-1

Both these teams got off to flying starts in the Premier League, however 2015 has been filled with gloom.  Last week City lost their most important match of the season, while on the other hand, West Ham, who have now dropped to mid table after being fourth at Christmas, had three points snatched away from them in the 96th minute by Stoke City.  A loss for Pellegrini on Sunday could possibly mean he would be out of the job, whereas in Sam Allardyce’s case, managers are already  looming on the horizon.  A win for the Blues would keep them safely in the Champions League spots, but with few wins between the two teams recently this really could go either way.



Best of the Rest


Crystal Palace  vs  West Brom

Dan  0-1

Allan  2-1

Newcastle  vs  Tottenham

Dan  0-1

Allan 0-1

Everton  vs  Burnley

Dan  4-1

Allan  2-2






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