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Now is your chance to have a sneak preview of the new Jamie Johnson series and meet a few of the cast and crew!  Filming took place in Nottingham during the whole of August and now the editing process is well underway.

Follow this link to CBBC and watch MOTD Kickabout.  I am sure you agree it looks amazing and it is very exciting to see the characters brought to life.

Hopefully you like the look of it and will be tuning in when the show goes to air in 2016!




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    1. Hello there,
      We don’t have a set date yet but keep checking the website and I will let you know as soon as I do!

  1. Thank you for coming into my school for my presentation Dan freedman
    I’m reading your book now
    Will cbbc Jamie Johnson come out in the next month or so?

    1. There is no set date set for the TV series yet George. Keep checking the website! Which book are you reading?

  2. I’ve started reading you books last year and I can’t resist them!
    Your an inspiration to me as someone who wants to become a sports journalist like you.
    How did you get there and do you have any tips?

    Have you got any more books planned?

    1. That’s great news Edward! I’m pleased you’re enjoying them. I started to do work experience at different, newspapers, tv and radio stations while I was still at school. It gave me a taste of what it would be like and I loved it. If you really want to do that then ‘go for your goals!’
      I am always thinking of new ideas for books so yes, there are more books planned.

  3. any set date yet? You were at my brothers school today and signed his books. He was delighted and you signed one for me with his name lol… I have all your books so far and cant wait for more. Cant wait for the series.

    1. No set date yet Jack. I will keep you posted when I know anything. Has your brother read any of my books yet? I hope he enjoys them as much as you!

  4. Hey Dan, really like your books their my favourite. I have probably read each one about 20 times. Wanted to know will you be doing a sequel to Final Whistle. If you did that it would be a great way to end off the series Hope u make more books.

    1. Hello Luke,
      Thanks for your comment. It sounds like you do a lot of reading! Isn’t great when you love a book so much that you can read it over and over again. I’m working on things all the time, so I will keep you updated. I’m really looking forward to the series coming out as well. It will be fantastic to see Jamie come to life.

  5. Hi Dan. I am a big fan of the Jamie Johnson series. The tricks in the books were so awesome. Where did you get the idea of showing such amazing and difficult tricks in such an easy way? Also, Will there be a sequel to the Final Whistle?- Regards, Kanishk