September already … back to school and the new football season has started!  The season has got off to a great start, I hope you are giving your teams the right support and you’re enjoying your football.  There are some strong contenders to win the League this year, but my prediction is that Manchester City will do it again … keep your eye on Chelsea though as I think they will be following closely behind!  As will Arsenal … the Gunners stand a good chance of doing very well this season too.

I have some new ideas for the website and would like to know what you – my bosses – think of them.  I am going to have a new ‘Jamie Johnson Fan Zone’ … although you may have better ideas for the name?  I will include lots of Jamie Johnson tips and ideas for you, links to useful and interesting websites, articles and films.  Lots about football … but also reading and writing.  Please tell me what you think, this part is for you the JJ fans … so let me have all your best ideas for any content you’d like to see on the website!

Have a good school year and go for your goals!

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