I recently had the pleasure of visiting St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in West London. They have just sent me some amazing writing created after my visit, thank you and well done to Jimarl, Lara, Melissa, Mia, Roksana and Sandy.  Here are a couple we thought you might enjoy reading …






Lara – Y6 St Mary’s Catholic Primary, Brook Green, London

Jamie  Jonson stepped up to the penalty spot. He put the ball on the dot and stepped back. 1 step, 2 step, 3, 4 then 5. Jamie took a deep breath. His whole school life depended on this penalty shot. He wanted people to know he was the best footballer in the school. Was Jamie going to miss? Everyone staring at him put him on the spot. Pressure was building up in his stiff motionless body. THIS was the winning goal.

“Are you gonna shoot or what!” screamed Daniel. Jamie took one last deep breath. He had to do this. Now.

He ran – the wind rushing against his face.

Just then all the pressure disappeared. Jamie got to the ball. He planted his left foot beside the ball and kicked with his right. The power came  out of his leg and hit the ball. The ball spiralled and twisted in mid-air until…

The ball rocketed into the top right corner of the net just as the goalkeeper hit the ground. Wembley stadium lit up, Daniel’s mouth dropped open. Jamie’s team, who were overjoyed with happiness, picked him up and cheered.

Suddenly the cheers faded. Jamie woke up with a jump. When he realized it was a dream, his head drooped.

“What if that really happens?” he asked himself, “I would be so popular!”

He looked at the clock, 6:30. He couldn’t wait for school to start…


Sandy – Y6 St Mary’s Catholic Primary, Brook Green, London

Jamie Johnson stepped up to the penalty spot; beads of sweat dripping down his face – his heart thumping. In the burning sun, he had to make a decision. It was still 0-0 what shall he do? Boom! He blasted the ball, the goalie dived the right way, the ball flew through his fingers and…

“Jamie Johnson scores the winning goal of the match. 1-0 to the Blues!” screamed the referee. Jamie couldn’t believe his eyes! Dillon gave him a nasty look. Everyone on his team came running towards him from every direction. “GO JAMIE WELL DONE!” screeched the captain of the team. Half of the crowd was cheering; half were booing.

Jack came up to Jamie and gave him a humungous high five, “That was the best kick I’ve ever seen!” Jack shouted over the noise. Jamie’s granddad came up to him and lifted him up on his shoulders – everybody was laughing hysterically at him. Jamie’s face flashed red. “Put me down” Jamie laughed with embarrassment.

They left the field and after getting changed, all went home still making jokes and having fun. Jamie couldn’t wait till tomorrow. From then on everybody knew the person who scored the winner; Jamie Johnson. But what next?

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