Each month we profile some of the biggest Jamie Johnson fans from around the globe. This fan could come to our attention in several different ways, for example, at a school Dan attends, a piece of writing he or she sends to Dan, or a fan-mail or letter that they have sent. Each month, a winner (or winners) is chosen, and they become a JJ Fan Of The Month! We like to have an interview with the winner as well.

Congratulations to the September Fan Of The Month – Mikey Wilson!

Name:- Mikey Wilson

How old are you?:- 15

Who is your football idol?:- Steven Gerrard

How did you hear about the JJ books?:- World Book Day (I think)

Why do you like the books?:- They are very easy to read and I like that there’s usually a happy ending.

What is your favourite Jamie Johnson book and why?:- Golden Goal, because Jamie manages to get from being unable to walk, to keeping his club alive in the space of a few months.

What is the best goal you have ever seen?:- Luis Suarez’s 40 yard volley against Norwich City – part of the best hat-trick I’ve ever seen

Who do you think will win the Premier League next season?:- Hopefully Liverpool, but probably Man United.

If you had the choice to play for either Scotland or England at a World Cup, who would you pick and why?:- England so I could show the overpaid primadonnas how to play for their own country!

JJ wears the number 11 shirt. What number do you wear?:- 11, because of Jamie.

If JJ offered to teach you one skill, which one would you like it to be?:- A Rainbow flick. I can do it standing still, but that’s about it.

You are the manager of a 5 aside football team. Which 5 players, real or fictional, will you sign and in which formation will they play?:- Gianluigi Buffon would play in goal, Franz Beckenbauer at the back, Steven Gerrard and Zinedine Zidane in midfield and Lionel Messi up top. I had to put Gerrard in, even though there are players who should be in there instead!

If you wrote a JJ book yourself, what would you call it?:- Decision Time. First thing I thought of.

What do you think happened at the end of Final Whistle?:- The optimist in me says he won the header, Hawkstone scored and Jamie continued playing. The realist in me says he won the header, got kicked in the head, Hawkstone won but his career was finished.

Apart from Jamie, if you could befriend any character from the series, who would it be?:- Mike. Is that weird?

You are offered to go to three schools- The Grove, Kingfield or the Foxborough Academy School. Which one will you join?:- Kingfield. I’d prefer it to the Grove, but I’d make a mug of myself at Foxborough.

If you could ask JJ one question, what would it be?:- What made you so determined to make it as a footballer?

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