Every month, we name a huge Jamie Johnson fan as a Fan Of The Month! This fan could be anyone, from anywhere around the globe. He, she or they could come to our attention in several diverse ways, for example, at a school Dan attends, a piece of writing he or she sends to Dan, or a fan-mail or letter that they have sent. We like to have an interview with the winner as well.

Congratulations to the first JJ Fan Of The Month of 2018 – Ross! Here is our interview with him!

Name:- RossRoss

How old are you?:- 16

Where are you from:- Rayleigh in Essex.

How did you hear about the JJ books?:- Dan was kind enough to come to my school and present his books to us, and so I bought one and couldn’t stop reading them.

What is your favourite Jamie Johnson book and why?:- I like the ‘Skills From Brazil’ book as it reminds me of the 2014 world cup in Brazil and also the passion that the Brazilians play with amazes me.

Where is the most unusual place you have ever read a JJ book?:- Probably 39,000ft in the air…

Which football team do you support?:- I mainly support Chelsea, but I also support my local team Southend United.

Which player reminds you most of JJ?:- Eden Hazard or Lionel Messi as they are small and weak(ish) but they are very fast and can play to beyond belief.

What made you get into football?:- I was quite late getting into football, but by the age of about 7 I just started watching it and playing video games of it, and I just loved it for then on.

You are the manager of a 5 aside football team. Which 5 players, real or fictional, will you sign and in which formation will they play?:-

Formation: 2-1-1 – Goalkeeper Neuer, because he is good with his feet so would work well in a fast 5-a-side, plus he’s also one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

CBs – Azpilicueta and Puyol, because they are great under pressure at the back with insane blocks and tackles.

CM – Ronaldinho, because he is fast and skilful and plays with passion and a smile.

Lastly, ST – Pele, because he’s the world greatest player!

If you wrote a JJ book yourself, what would you call it?:- Jamie Johnson – From The Side Lines

Do you have any special football skills?:- Not really, I play in goal for my local team and so I am not the best with a ball, although in am a very acrobatic keeper.

You are offered to go to three schools- The Grove, Kingfield or the Foxborough Academy School. Which one will you join?:- The Foxborough Academy

Are you a big JJ fan or do you know one? They could be the next JJ Fan of the Month like Ross! Email Dan at dan@danfreedman.co.uk!

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