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Followers of Jamie Johnson have, over the years, sent me many messages asking about that possibilities of a JJ film or TV series. Well, the time has now come! Short Form Film and CBBC have made the TV show and now you can watch it!

All three episodes of Jamie Johnson, Season 1, are available now via the BBC iPlayer. Click the link below to view.

It’s been a long and brilliant journey to get to this point and everyone that has read the books and spread the word about them has played such an important role in the journey.

Naturally the TV show is slightly different to the books so keep an open mind as you enter Jamie’s on-screen world.

Do let us know what you think. Short Form Film company have done a terrific job bringing Jamie Johnson to life and now he’s there for you to watch and follow.

So, thank you again for your support, enjoy the show and we look forward to making Season 2 for you as soon as we can.

Dan Freedman

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