A few weeks before Christmas I had the pleasure of visiting Blessed Dominic Catholic Primary School in Grahame Park, NW London, for the day.  During two creative writing workshops, some amazing writing was produced and I am really pleased to share some of the best by Starin and Emmanuel … well done guys!

pic of Starin and Emmanuel2 Blessed Dominic








Jamie Johnson stepped up to the penalty spot… His mind raced; if I score, everyone will be pleased, however if I miss, I’ll blow my chances of joining the school team for good. The more he tried to clear his mind, the worse he felt. “Make sure you don’t miss” pierced through his mind like a sword which had been driven through his heart. Mr. Marsden blew the whistle. Jamie ran and kicked the ball: a rasping rocket of a shot! The ball darted through the air like an arrow. The goalkeeper’s knees trembled in fear as the ball neared. Suddenly everything stopped…

By Emmanuel

Blessed Dominic Catholic Primary School


Jamie Johnson stepped up to the penalty spot… A cloud of fear and anxiety hung over him; so many thoughts were whirling through his mind. Thwack! Jamie had kicked the ball with so much aggression that no one could stop it. Goal! A wave of cheers crashed through the crowd like an orchestra of drums. The team huddled around him leaving Dylan red in the face, gobsmacked and astounded at the sight. There were shouts from the team, “You proved Dylan wrong.” “Well done mate!” “Welcome to the team.” Jamie smiled hearing these comments. A feeling of pride raced through him as he caught sight of Dylan shrivelling into the crowd, not wanting to be seen.

By Starin

Blessed Dominic Catholic Primary School

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