Click here for the fantastic storiesDan recently spent the day with the Blackpool FC Community Trust, meeting and working with 150 Primary School pupils from the local area.

A writing competition had been run in the build-up to the day and Dan was so impressed with Freya’s story that he wanted to reproduce it for you here.

Freya is way better than I was at that age,” commented Dan.

So congrats, Freya and keep on writing!

The Worst Joker In The World – By Freya Wright

laughingI’m a Joker and that’s just me! But, what I really think is that everyone can be a joker. There are jokes lurking inside all of us. Jokes brighten us deep inside, they brighten our sunshine and squeeze out the dark bits in the dark corners of our brains.

Last year I started year three and there I met a particular teacher. He stood in the wooden doorway, quite short and wearing a smart suit and tie. I didn’t know then he’d be the man to chase away the dark corners. His name was Mr Conway and he was the worst joker in the world (and I really mean the worst). One of his favourite jokes was:

“Knock Knock”

“Who’s there?”

“The interrupting cow”

“The interrupting c…”


I mean, come on.

At first every morning I rolled my eyes and sighed as the jokes came tumbling out of his mouth. I didn’t even smile and just stayed miserable. But, slowly but surely my mouth would twitch. I would nearly smile and eventually I gave a bright wide giggle. I knew I could match his terrible jokes and so I began to practise – I told my jokes in my bedroom mirror and my talent began to grow and grow and grow until the morning I marched in and said..

“How do the oceans talk?”

“They wave at each other”

And then the dark corners had gone, emptied away just like that and my head was jam packed full of fabulous jokes.

So, if you’re ever feeling down, afraid, or alone, go and pick up a joke book, read it until you smile and giggle and then laugh. If that fails, come and see me (or Mr. Conway).

“What flies and wobbles?

“A ‘jelly copter’

Ha, ha, ha – and that’s how it ends!


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