We are always interested to hear from keen fans of the Jamie Johnson novels but when we hear that the books and football have ‘completely changed’ a reader, we have to find out more…

It seems that is the case 14-year-old Alex, a huge fan of the JJ series, who recently got in touch with Dan to tell him how reading the books had enhanced many areas of his life.

Dan speaking in a visit to a school.
Dan speaking in a visit to a school.

Reading is an unusual and powerful activity. As Dan has said many times during school visits, there are certain types of reading which can occur.

One is where your mind is completely elsewhere, you don’t understand the story and all you see is a bunch of words. However, another type is when you are completely in the zone. As you read, time flies by, all you want to do is just read on and on, and, at the end of the book, you are amazed how quickly you got through it, and wished it went on longer.

Reading in the zone can change you.

As JJ fan Alex explains, it can even change your feelings and your personality.

He says: “I love the books because they are so interesting! It is so fascinating reading about Jamie’s experience of football.

“I particularly like ‘Skills from Brazil’ because of all the different skills Jamie learns. The books inspire me to go outside and to play football!”

Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw with his copy of "Skills from Brazil"
Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw with his copy of “Skills from Brazil”

Alex is like many other children; he enjoys reading, and playing football among other things.

Alex started reading the Jamie Johnson series relatively recently, when he was aged 12, in Year 7.

His foster father, Dale, who Alex has been with for 5 years, has said that the JJ books have transformed Alex greatly.

“His reading of the Jamie Johnson books and his love of football has seen him completely change at school; the detentions are gone and we have seen a completely different attitude towards his sport and education. He has completely turned it around, and, for that, we are really proud of him.

“The JJ series has fired his imagination and ambitions, and he was lucky enough to meet Dan at the County Ground recently, which was one of the highlights of his year.”

Alex concluded: “The Jamie Johnson books have taught me that you always have to try your best, and eventually you’ll succeed.”

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