Dad and son

Every piece of fan mail I receive is special to me, but every now and then I am sent something that just stands out!  This happened recently when I received a lovely email from a Dad who enjoys reading the JJ books with his son, and who also shares the books with the under 9s team he coaches …

“… Thank you for the hours of quality time this (JJ series) has given me with my son. I have become so much closer to him because of your books. Most weeks I work long hours and one of the things I look forward to most is arriving home and reading Jamie Johnson stories to him. I coach under 9s football in the North Bury Junior Football League and often use extracts of your books for coaching, encouragement and mental preparation. It’s all there. I’ve bought the whole team a book.  It’s their bible.”  Roger Beaumont

Thank you Roger, this truly means a lot!



Looks like you’ve got some good skills Finn!


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