Click here for the fantastic storiesAfter a visit to Stewards Academy School, Dan challenged the Year 8 pupils to write a short story entitled “The Day Of The Trials.” The three best were so impressive that we have decided to print them on this website; congratulations to Robert, Jake and Holly for their superb writing!

The Day Of The Trials

It was the morning of the trial and the scouts were already there; but what was Jamie going to do with no boots? He saw his grandad in the stands, who signalling for him to come over – so he did.

“Grandad, what am I going to do? Mum’s taken away my boots and…”

His grandad cut him short and said, “Son, look ‘ere, these are my old boots from back in the day. Your mum told me she took your boots. I don’t think she understands how important they are, so I brought my old ones.”

Jamie hugged his grandad and thanked him.

“Now go show ’em what you’re made of!” cheered his grandad.

Jamie ran over and it was game time. Time for kick-off. He saw his arch rival, Dillon Simmonds on the pitch. The whistle blew and Jamie darted for the ball. So did Dillon.

Jamie got the ball and ran straight past Dillon but he didn’t stay far behind. As Jamie weaved between the players doing stepovers and nutmegging some of them, he came face to face with the defence.

He breathed in, glanced around too quick to notice the bang. He shot off… dirt flicked in the air… bang, bang! He made it passed the defence then he swung back his right leg… as he did it he noticed his mum watching… and he skied it straight over the crossbar!

Robert Gregory

Jamie woke up to the sound of his mum’s voice.

“Jamie; wake up. Jamie!”

“Mum, just five more minutes?”

This was the last thing Jamie’s mum needed, so she instinctively dragged Jamie out of
bed herself.

Although Jamie was aware before, he had now only fully realised where he was.
Almost straight after, Jamie came to life as he remembered it was the day of the trial. With joy, he rose from his bedroom floor and charged towards the bathroom. He brushed his teeth, washed his face and, using the pace he was known, got back to his bedroom to put on his uniform before running straight down the stairs. Jamie began to pack his bag, socks, shirt and shorts. But something was missing… his boots?

Jamie’s heart stopped as he remembered that his mum had taken them yesterday and there was no time to argue, as he was already late. Jamie felt sad but deep down he knew that the only thing that can stop Jamie Johnson is Jamie Johnson and he couldn’t let himself get in the way.

Today was the day that could change Jamie’s life forever.

Jake Ward

“I want my boots!” Jamie screamed hysterically.

Despair glistened in my eyes and dripped down my cheeks. I just wanted one day with my son that didn’t revolve around football.

“Please!” I shouted back at time. “JJ, I just want to spend the day with you!”

It was one comment after the next. I gave in. I threw the old boots across the room. Jamie grabbed them and ran. The front door slammed and I was left there. My shoulders were shaking and I realised that I was actually a useless mother.

My son hated me, just as I had hated my father.

Jamie ran. He ran to his favourite football pitch in the city, where the trials were being held. His grandad was in the stands, waving and smiling.

Holly Keys-Kidd

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