FINAL WHISTLEThe winner of this competition has now been announced!

The winner is Hannah Vetterlein, who did a terrific piece of writing.

The reason that I chose her as the winner from all the hundreds of amazing entries that we had from all over the country was that it had all the attributes that I look for in a piece of writing. The action, description and characterisation were all first class.

More details can be found here

Details of the original article announcing the competition are below…

“Dan – PLEASE will you name a character after me in your next book?!”

“What does it feel like to have your story actually published?”

These are two questions that I have been regularly asked in school visits around the country.

And it was these two questions that came back into my mind when we were discussing what prizes we could offer to make a Jamie Johnson writing competition really exciting…

And so, the writer of the best ending to the cliff-hanger climax of FINAL WHISTLE (the most recent book in the Jamie Johnson series) will not only have a character named after them in my next book…but their school will also receive 30 special edition copies of FINAL WHISTLE, complete with their ending! They will become a published author!

I hope these prizes make you want to take part in the comp…if so, time is short (the competition closes on October 25) but the task is simple…write the best ending to the JJ series that you can.

All the details are here:

I will be reading every entry and will also be visiting the school of the winner!

So, please spread the word…good luck…and enjoy!


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  1. Hi Dan
    Could you please tell us the story of Hannah’s ending as I cannot find it on any website?
    Many thanks

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