It is fantastic to be able to put some of the students work on the website and I am always surprised at the quality of writing that I am sent.  By the looks of the work sent to me by two of the students at Whitefield Primary School, I may have some competition on the book shelves in the future!  Well done to Chelsea and Ruth for your amazing stories.  Keep writing!










Jamie Johnson was feeling nervous. He had his best friends by the side of him but that was not enough!
“You nervous?” Jack asked.
“Yeah, after what Dillon said to me, I don’t know whether to go or not” answered Jamie.
“Don’t listen to that bully! He’s just envious of you” explained Boggy.
“You think so?” exclaimed Jamie.
“I know so” smiled Boggy.
“OK then, it’s settled! You’re going to the trials, while me and Boggy cheer you on!” said Jack.
Jamie, Jack and Boggy all walked through the chattery and jam-packed hallway. They walked to the boys’ locker room and skimmed all of them to find Jamie’s one. Eventually they came out: Jamie was wearing his P.E. kit and shin pads, football boots (that were white and silver) and white socks.
“How do I look?” said Jamie as he spun around and clicked his fingers, smiling.
“Ready to play some matches?” Jack and Boggy said at the same time, giggling away.
Jamie laughed as well until he got to the field. Dillon was there. Dillon was provoked and as red as a tomato. Jack and Boggy were all the way down the pitch by now so Jamie was all alone. Dillon came walking up clenching his teeth and fists.
“What part of ‘Don’t even dare come to the trials’ don’t you understand?” snarled Dillon.
“YOU JUST MADE THE WRONG CHOICE!” said Dillon. Dillon went to throw the first punch, but luckily enough Jamie dodged it and pushed him in his back, making Dillon fall nose first into the ground.
“Ow! My nose, YOU BROKE MY NOSE!” he screamed.
Everyone turned to look at Dillon, who was compressing his crooked looking nose. He was trying to stop the blood from getting on his shirt, although there was already blots of red liquid on it. The coach came bolting over to Jamie.
“Dillon, what happened? Why is your nose bleeding?” he asked.
“It was Jamie, he punched me and pushed me right onto my nose” replied Dillon.
“YOU’RE LYING, YOU PUNCHED ME!” shouted Jamie.
“If he’s lying, how come he has a bleeding nose?” asked the coach.
“It-it-it’s because…” stuttered Jamie.
“Exactly, nothing” Coach butted in.
Dillan gave Jamie a smirk and stuck his tongue out at him.
Coach shouted at the other boys who were watching “Get back to playing!”
Jack and Boggy frowned at each other, and looked back at Jamie who was on the verge of crying.
“Jamie, I’m sorry to say, but at this school we don’t tolerate that type of behaviour. You have no chance of being on the team and you have an after school detention for 130 minutes” said Coach.
“What?” That’s not fair!” bellowed Jamie.
“Life’s not fair. Now go get changed and go to the Head teacher, Apple-Jane’s office, now!”
Jamie wandered off murmuring. He swung the huge door open and slammed it behind him. Jack and Boggy ran after him scowling at Dillan.
“Dillon, I think you should go to the school nurse and then home” advised Coach.
“OK” Dillan said in a squeaky, weird voice.
Dillon got up on his legs and wandered to the door thinking and smirked “This is only the beginning!”
Jamie was walking to the Head teacher’s office just when Jack and Boggy stopped him.
“I’m so sorry Jamie” apologised Jack.
“I don’t need you empathy or pity” Jamie spluttered.
“What!” Jack began, “I’m only trying to be nice and you treat me like this!”
Jamie stared in Jack’s hazel brown eyes and walked off into Mrs Apple-Jane’s office.
“I CAN’T BELIEVE HIM!!!” Jack screamed.
“I can’t believe him too. You were only trying to help” said Boggy.
“Whatever, he can find another set of friends, cause I quit!” said Jack.
“Same here” said Boggy.
Jack and Boggy strolled off onto the field and back to where they were before.
“I’m sorry Jamie, but you’re suspended for 2 weeks because at the moment you are seen as a
dangerous boy. Only your third day and you have managed to break a boy’s nose!”
“It wasn’t intentional, and anyway, he deserved it” said Jamie.
“You’re not showing a good impression at the moment. I am going to have to tell your parents” explained the Head teacher.
“My parents don’t live together” replied Jamie.
“Why?” asked the Head teacher.
“It’s none of your business! I don’t know why I even came to this school, no one minds their own
Jamie got up and walked to the door.
“Don’t you dare walk out of this room when I haven’t finished talking to you!” said the Head teacher.
Jamie looked back and walked out of the door.
“That boy will not be on good terms this year” muttered the Head teacher.












It’s the 25 th September, “I can’t believe it, the football match is tomorrow” said Jamie, running downstairs. “Mum, Mum, it’s my football match tomorrow, I need my boots, please!”
Mum thought, “Sorry Jamie”.
“Please Mum!” “OK, as long as you’re good.”
“OK Mum.”
26 th September 2016.
“Hi Mum. Today is the football match. Have you washed my boots?”
“Oh yes. Thanks” “I just need to get you a bottle filled with water just in case” said Mum.
“OK Mum, thanks, bye.”
“Bye Jamie”.
“Hi Jamie” said Boggie and Jack. “Are you waiting for the match to start?” “Yes” said Jamie. “OK, see you later.
The match started. “Oh no! Dylan. I will do better than him” thought Jamie. Jamie tried to kick, but
he tackles Dylan and Jamie shoots.
“Goal” said Boggie and Jack. “What a good shot. Next one Jamie
slide tackles someone else and he scores again. “Goal” said Jamie, happily making his team win. He knew that he was trying with some amazing football tricks. Oh no, now Dylan is nearly there he tried to score and he did. The football match had nearly ended, but Jamie’s friends and team were really proud of what good and amazing skills Jamie did. It was 2 minutes until the match was over and everybody was getting ready to go home as soon as the parents came. Jamie saw his mum and told her what he had done. Jamie’s mum was proud of him and he had such good achievements and that’s why he likes football.

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