It’s time to share some of the fantastic writing that I have been lucky enough to read and hear during recent school visits.

I may be the author of the Jamie Johnson series but I am being given a serious run for my money by young authors around the country!

Check out these fabulous pieces of writing….


Like Father Like Son

‘Jamie Johnson stepped up to the penalty spot, but suddenly he woke up, back in his dingy old house in Stevenage. Upset he walked down stairs to the smell of his favourite food: pizza, he was still upset though, distraught about his missed penalty in the school trials 12 months before, but tomorrow was his chance, could he get over last years heartbreak or would he fail once more.

“Snap out of it you” his mum said as she came out of the kitchen, “you have got to be ready for the trials tomorrow, it’s your big chance, you’re better than any of the others.” She told him trying to cheer him up. “I know mum, you have told me a million times” he said going red. “You are just like your dad was when he was young, he never believed in himself and look what he became, world class footballer, that’s why he left us in this place to go and live with that model, what’s her name?” “It’s Daisy Elliot, mum, I thought we were trying to forget him anyway, because he left us for her.” Jamie said as he went back upstairs with his pizza. I wish I could be a world class player Jamie said to himself as he started playing fifa.

That night Jamie thought how little a like him and his father really were. Jamie with his short dark hair and his father with his long blonde hair which would always sparkle in the sunlight. Then as he was thinking he wanted to ask his mum how a like him and his father were as kids.

“Mum” he said opening the door slowly. “What was dad like looks wise as a child.” Well she started just as the phone rang. Jamie answered the phone, it was he’s mum’s friend, as usual this phone conversation could go on for hours, so he decided to go back to bed.

Yet again the next morning he was awoken by the very same nightmare he had had the previous night.’

By James Duff – Thorpe St Andrew High School

The Penalty

Jamie Johnson stepped up to the penalty spot. He was sweating and was as hot as the boiling sun shining down on him. Taking his time, the determined boy took a step and shot the ball as fast as a bullet from a gun right into the top left hand corner, past his nemesis Dillon Simmonds who could not even get his finger to that circular ball. Jamie ran to all his team mates, who were hugging and jumping and shouting “What a goal” Everyone was in shock. It was the best goal anyone had ever seen and the only penalty anyone had scored against Dillon.

The keeper was so angry he smacked the ground shouting “Retake, retake, I wasn’t ready.” Jamie had scored a wonder goal. It was a better goal than any famous professional could have scored. It felt like the Champions League final when Drogba got Chelsea back in the game to win it against Bayern Munich. The manager was in shock, the way his face was you would have thought Corby had just beaten Barcelona. People were then picking Jamie up and throwing him in the air and catching him. Even Dillon’s team were celebrating with Jamie’s team. It was a hall of fame strike, it was a better goal than a David Beckham free kick. “Wow “people said gazing over the field watching the goal still shake, “just think what he could do next time. A goal from the half way line?”

by David Young (year 7) – Lodge Park Academy


The Penalty

Jamie Johnson stepped up to the penalty spot … the crowd cheering chants being heard saying JAMIE JOHNSON!!!  He runs up strikes with precision.  The ball rolls through the air Jamie’s heart is pounding with hope, strikes against the wood work but with shock Jack drives “WHAT A SAVE!”  say the commentators.  Jamie says “My hopes flushed down the toilet, dreams shattered like a chandelier smashing on the ground”.  Dylan says: “Better luck next time loser” laughing with joy.  Back in the changing room the coach comes in and says to the team

“You may have missed that penalty but you’re in the team.” 

“Thanks, that’s my only dream to make it into the football club.  Coach?”


“What did the traffic lights say to the man?”


“Don’t look, I’m changing.”

“Suitable joke, see you on the pitch son!”


By Brandon Brown – Treetops Academy


The Penalty

Jamie Johnson stepped up to the penalty spot …

He had a glint in his eye from the sun beaming over him.  He whacked the ball to the left side.  He was astonished with the amount of power he had on his shot.  It just went in.  Suddenly he had a spectacular grin on his face. The wind was swaying the colourful dark ball.  Dan Freedman was excited because he was incredible.  His heart was pounding like a drum. You could hear a crack from his gigantic bones, it snapped into huge pieces.  Dylan never picked on Jamie again despite the fact his friend Charlie Brown’s dream was crushed.

By Charlie-Mark Batten-Williams – Treetops Academy


Meanwhile, we also have some budding sports journalists out there too.

Here’s a terrific piece by Santusht, Jaran and Shreyank at West Lodge Primary, describing Mo Farah’s majestic gold in the Olympic 5,000 metre race…

Farah wins the double

 It was an astonishing moment for the British sensation, as Mohammed Farah claimed the double in front of an ecstatic home crowd.

It was the last night of the athletics, also known as Super Saturday.  The tension around the Olympic stadium was immense.  As he walked onto the track, he received a standing ovation as he had recently won the 10,000m.

Mo was however, up against other high classed athletes and was certainly not favourite to win, ranked only 11th in the world going into the race.    The question which was buzzing around in the air, was Mo Farah too tired to win this race?

As soon as the gun was shot, it was clear that the 29 year old was playing sneaky tactics.  But would they work?  Gradually as Farah made his way up the track, an outburst of noise came from the crowd.

Two laps left to go and it looked like Mo was getting ready for the big sprint, although did he have enough fuel in his tank?  As the bell rang, the exhausted athletes eventually made their way up, breathing down his shoulder.

Keeping the inside kerb into the last bend, Farah was gritting his teeth.  Eventually he made a gap.  The crowd were on their feet, roaring.  Using the last of his strength, he flew over the finish line.  He’d done it, he won the double in front of his home crowd.  The time was 13:41:66.  Mo was closely followed by Dejen Gebremeskel (Ethiopia) and Thomas Pkemei Longosiwa (Kenya).  The celebrations were phenomenal.

Farah was later quoted, ‘Unbelievable, I knew I had to keep my position.  I want to thank everyone who supported me.’  His thanks also went to his daughter and wife Tania, who is pregnant, expecting twins very shortly.

Brendan Foster described it as ‘the greatest moment I’ve witnessed in the history of athletics’.


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