Alot happening for World Book Day week and I am really excited about the many school visits I will be making.  It will be an amazing opportunity to find out about your plans for the day itself and  actually be with a couple of you on the day!  As always it is a great opportunity to celebrate reading and discover different authors you might like to try reading.  Why not take a look for your self …












Don’t forget to send in your competition entries …

Jamie Johnson, World Book Day Competition

Win a 30 minute Video Conference, Virtual Author Visit, for your school and £20 worth of book vouchers for you,  by celebrating World Book Day in true Jamie Johnson style!

You might like to dress up as Jamie, Jack or any other character in the books.  Remember if you’re thinking of the Hawkstone kit it would be black and white, but you could create it however you like!

OR … you might like to think outside the box and dress up as one of the books!

How would you represent The Kick Off or Skills from Brazil maybe?

Think creatively!!

Send a picture of yourself and a brief description of your costume and why you have created it, eg why you think it represents Jamie or Golden Goal well, to by Wednesday 11th March and winners will be announced the following week.

Good luck!


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