The idea behind the books was a very simple one: I wanted to write the kind of books that I would have loved to have read when I was younger.
That meant lots of drama, fast-paced action and, of course lots of football.

The other ingredient was to share and tap into the unique experiences that I was lucky enough to have when I was working in football. Having met the top players and managers in the game, I wanted to use those special ingredients in the books.

The only thing that I needed was a story… A character. That’s where Jamie Johnson came in. Jamie is a boy who lives and breathes football. He’s got amazing talent and the desire to make it to the top.

He’s not perfect, but then none of us are. Remember, I said I wanted my books to be realistic not fantasy.

So Jamie is a mixture of all those great footballers that I have met. Players like Ronaldo, Rooney, Gerrard, Giggs and Messi. I’ve been lucky enough to work with all of these players and you can find a bit of all of them in Jamie Johnson…

We meet Jamie when he’s 13 in The Kick Off and, in each new book, we follow him on every step of his journey as he aims to fulfil his dream of becoming one of the biggest football stars in the world.

The order of the books is:

1. The Kick Off
2. Shoot to Win
3. Golden Goal
4. Man of the Match
5. World Class
6. Final Whistle
Special World Cup Prequel. Skills from Brazil

Special  Prequel. Born to Play

However, they are all written to also allow them to be read as standalone stories in their own right.

The Kick OffThe Kick Off

The start of Jamie Johnson’s football career. He’s got so much to prove, The pressure’s on, but has Jamie got what it takes?

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Shoot to Win

Jamie’s got everything to play for  – scouts from top clubs are coming to watch him play! This is his big chance and he can’t wait to show off his latest move but the new coach is bearing a grudge…Has Jamie missed his chance?

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Golden Goal

There’s a massive buzz around Jamie Johnson. His dreams of becoming a professional footballer seem to be coming true. But, just when he seems close to living the dream, a shocking event turns his world upside down…

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Man of the Match

Jamie Johnson is fast becoming the most popular player in the country. He’s playing the best football of his career for his beloved Hawkstone. But life at the top of the league isn’t as easy as it seems..And Hawkstone are about to sign a new winger…

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World Class

It’s the big one! The World Cup Finals beckon for Jamie Johnson but first he must answer a huge question: Which country will he play for? With brand new characters and more jaw-dropping footy action, Dan Freedman and Jamie Johnson return on very top form.

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Final Whistle

“This was the team of teams. The club of clubs. And now they wanted him to join them.”

A transfer to the best club in the world beckons for Jamie Johnson. This is big. This is huge! However, a time bomb is already ticking within Jamie…Is the final whistle about to blow?

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Skills from Brazil

Before the packed stadiums. Before the international play. Before the bright lights. Jamie Johnson had to learn to play from the best. In this special prequel, Jamie gets the once-in –a-lifetime chance to go to Brazil and develop his skills in a country where everyone is as football-mad as him!

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Born to Play

The book that inspired the TV series!

A specially written prequel to the series … Jamie Johnson is having a tough time at school. The bullies won’t let him play football at break, his best mate is at another school and the weirdest kid in class won’t leave him alone. Right now, he needs his football skills more than ever …

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[quote style=”boxed”]Captures the realism of the game without losing sight of the magic that keeps us in thrall of the game[/quote]Kevin McCarra
Football Correspondent
The Guardian

[quote style=”boxed”]Drama you can’t beat[/quote]Sunday Express

[quote style=”boxed”]A must for junior football fans[/quote]The Observer

A video explaining how Wayne Rooney inspired Born to Play

Introducing Jamie Johnson…

I try to include a cool footy skill in every book, but it takes time to get it right! Download here

Work in progress. One of my early drafts – with lots of editor’s comments! Download here

If you would like signed copies of any of Dan’s books, please click on this link:

Own your very own signed JJ book!
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344 Responses

  1. Please PLEASE could you finish off the last book the final whistle as i need to know more about the rest of the match

      1. Hi dan your my favourite author and I enjoyed all your books, i thin recently you were in my school and I would like to ask you to make a new book that follows on after final whistle as I really want to know if he scored or not!!

        1. Hello Kiran. Thanks for your comments. I’m pleased you have enjoyed the books. What do you think happened at the end of ‘Final Whistle?”

        1. Have you read all the books Harry? Can you tell me what you think the ending would be and also how you would like it to end?

          1. Hi Dan! If Jamie was made into a movie. Who would be your go to actors and actresses? Would you go for footballers or people from the acting industry? It’s a hard decision BUT I’ll leave it up to you!

            Thanks if you reply or even read this.

            Daniel Doherty

          2. Hello Daniel,
            Have you seen the preview of the TV series coming out next year? Have a look at this.
            Jamie Johnson TV series preview
            I think the main characters would have to be able to act and play football and these young actors do a great job of both don’t you think?

          1. Thanks for your interest in turning the Jamie Johnson books into a movie. I would love that to happen too so watch this space!

          1. I have had so many comments about this! It’s great to hear that fans want more JJ books. I will keep you posted.

          1. Hi Jake,
            There’s a little postscript to Final Whistle on the website… click here to see it!
            What was your own prediction? Dan

    1. I really want to know what happened to Jamie after final whistle and I really hope a film of the book is released it would be amazing!

      1. What do you think happened to him Alfie? I’m pleased you think a film would be amazing, I rather like that idea myself, or a TV series maybe? Dan

        1. Hi Dan I love all your Jamie Johnson books, but I can’t seem to get my hands on any of your other books. Like many other people I think you and Jamie deserve to be on the big screen, but if that does I’m concerned of the actors and actresses playing who would play Jamie, Jack, Dillon and Jamie’s granddad Mike. Although I’m sure they’ll do a great job as their respected characters or would you like to play a role as maybe Jeremey or Archie Armstrong? Anyway I’ll get back to the books, I like how you left a cliff-hanger at the end of “Final Whistle” I think all great writers do that.

          Thanks if you read this.

          1. Hi Daniel. Thanks for writing. I’m really pleased you like how I left ‘Final Whistle.’ I think that way it leaves the individual to decide how the story ends.
            It’s really exciting news that Jamie Johnson is being made in to a series. What are your concerns about the actors playing the characters?

    2. Hi dan love your books I would love to know how the final books ends,does he score that goal,does he getinjured again?Plssss release another book your a great author and you inspire me to play football for Bradford city.
      thanks again

  2. Will there be a 7th book? The book name “final whistle” implies the end for Jamie Johnson, but is it? It seems a shame to end such a great series. If there is a book 7, when is it coming out and is there any news?

      1. dear Dan you came to my school today ( Finchley catholic high school) and told us about these schools that have fights with each other. I have a ideas this is one: Jamie goes to a new school because he was in year six and now in year 7. and he gets into the school football team and they play a league and it is a decider to who win the league but the other school is the one next door and they hate they hate each other. hope you use my ideas and could ad a new anew person to the story me I would be so great full bye!

  3. Hi Dan, any chance of a new book? I’ve always loved reading about football but it wasn’t till I read kick off that I was prepared to buy a full series- that’s how much I liked it! I really enjoy reading about JJ (he let me use his nickname :)) and i hope his journey can continue-please reply!

      1. Hi Dan, I’m a big fan of the Jamie Johnson series and have got every book, I wanted to ask you a question! I am 12 years old and their are 3 things I love: playing/watching football, reading brilliant books (like your ones) and watching films. It would be amazing if you could turn the Jamie Johnson series into a film. I am glad to hear you are bringing more Jamie Johnson books out and I am also loving the cliffhangers and the thrills of the series and it also makes me feel sorry for Jamie. One last thing do you have any tips on writing a story because you are an inspiration and I would like to start writing my own one day. Not only you but the book is an inspiration as well for me becoming a professional footballer, it has shown what true confidence is about!!!
        Sorry for such a long question.

        1. Hi Ben, main thing is to just get started! That’s the hardest thing – then to keep going.

          – Entertain yourself, write the book that you want to read
          – Every character wants something…remember that…

          Good luck and enjoy! Dan

          1. Hi Dan, I’ve heard lots about you, you seem like a big inspriration I hope to read one of your amazing books soon also I am so excited to see you tomorrow at my school!!!:D

          2. It will be good to meet you all too Aliza. I hope you enjoy the books when you do read them!

      2. Hi Dan, I’m a big fan of the Jamie Johnson series and have got every book, I wanted to ask you a question! I am 12 years old and their are 3 things I love: playing/watching football, reading brilliant books (like your ones) and watching films. It would be amazing if you could turn the Jamie Johnson series into a film. I am glad to hear you are bringing more Jamie Johnson books out and I am also loving the cliffhangers and the thrills of the series and it also makes me feel sorry for Jamie. One last thing do you have any tips on writing a story because you are an inspiration and I would like to start writing my own one day. Not only you but the book is an inspiration as well for me becoming a professional footballer, it has shown what true confidence is about!!!
        Sorry for such a long paragraph

        1. Hey Ben, great email and questions! So glad you enjoy the books.

          Tips for writing a story:

          – Entertain yourself, then the readers will be entertained.
          – Ask yourself ‘what does my character want in life? And how are they going to get it?’
          – Don’t try to write the perfect story first time. Get something down on paper and work from there.
          – Use every thought, dream, fear and experience that you have ever had in your own life.
          – Don’t try to make your characters perfect – none of us are.
          – Try to give each page and chapter the kind of ending that makes your reader HAVE to read on…

          Keep in touch,


          1. hi dan, thank you for the advice! I will try and use this and hopefully write a good one

            thank you, Ben

  4. Dan all the books in your series are spell bounding. I read kick off a while ago but then when i read shoot to win i just wanted to read more and more of your books. In the last four days i’ve read golden goal, man of the match and world class i was simply hooked. Just waiting on getting final whistle now.

  5. Dan I just read Final whistle i loved it i just wanted to know if you are making another one and if you are what will it be called

  6. Hi Dan I’m really sorry i didn’t hear about the offer of the final chapter sooner. Is there anyway i can please enter?

  7. Am I the only one confused about the ending of “Final Whistle”

    So Jamie get’s booted in the head again I assume? Did he score? I guess he scored, but there’s so many questions that I’m so confused, Is he ok?

    1. Hi Kieran…well, I guess the end of Final Whistle is up to each of us to decide…the next JJ book I’m working on a secret…at the moment…but there will be more news VERY soon…dan

  8. Hi Dan. Like I said I just got Final Whistle recently. Late I know. But it really is spot on. I have really not read a better football book and I try to read any that there is. It’s brilliant i finished it the day i got it. I was wondering if you come to schools to talk about your books. Can you send me some details please. Price? Date?!!!!!?????

  9. Great! The Jamie Johnson series really inspired me and the next level for you dan is creating a movie. JJ is like a real life hero to me. If i become a football player just remember who inspired me. Dan Freedman and Jamie Johnson

  10. Hi dan
    I have hated books all my life but after reading ur first book i have read all of the series. i need to know more plz!!!! when does the next book come out????

  11. Dan, I’m a big fan I LOVE your jamie johnson books as they aren’t like the others where they make the player the best and perfect with like no flaws whereas you make jamie brilliant but than he has some flaws like his knee injury and his love for jack anyway could you please please I’m on my knees BEGGING make a movie about your jamie johnson series it would be great and a probably the best football movie ever made if you get the movie as good as the book

    1. Hi Tyrone,

      So glad you like the books. And, from what you email, you really seem to ‘get’ them. The flaws are what make Jamie real and interesting, both for me as the author and, hopefully, for you as the reader…we would love to make a movie about Jamie…friends of mine called ShortFormFilm have the movie rights and we will do out best!…Will keep you updated!


  12. That’s great news to hear I trust you will make a thrilling, exciting let alone award winning film, and I was really interested to ask as my friends and I were debating this question : If you could have any footballer to portray jamie who would it be ?

    1. Brilliant question Tyrone! I guess, at the moment (and remember I have no idea of his acting ability!) I might say Gareth Bale…I think he would understand Jamie’s story very well…

  13. dude im 14 years old and I love your Jamie Johnson books the are the best books I have ver read there like a drug if u read one your hooked. im a football player and I play the role of the winger like Jamie I relate so much to him my dream is to become a pro he has taken my game to the next level I have even started using the tricks from the book into my game thank you dan freedman

    1. Cheers Nathan – that’s brilliant to hear…especially that it’s helped you with your football! Keep going and enjoy! dan

  14. Hi Dan,
    I know loads of people have asked you this but I need to know, when will the next book in the jj series be released?? Want to get it so badly when it does, and if you are to make a movie I’m sure I’d be a good jj if u need lol
    Great series

  15. Hi Dan, I remember you came to the Edinburgh Academy last year and you signed a book for me! I wanted to ask is there a new book in the series coming out/ If so could you say when? Your books are my favourite but the only thing i wasn’t happy about was that JJ went to Barça instead of Real Madrid! (I’m a massive real fan) Haha just joking!

  16. Dan- at my school we dress up as a character for national book day and i was going to go in as jamie Johnson! i was going to make the outfit on my sewing machine but i cant remember what color hawkstones strip is!?!?!

  17. hi dan how about a school reunion or a charity football math in your next book
    p.s when jamie goes in for the header at the end of final whistle is the outcome positive or negative?

  18. Dan i have loved all of your books.I have read all the jamie johnson books. could you give us a clue about what the new book is about

    1. It takes Jamie back to when he’s younger…still at school…and the chance to learn brand new skills from the best…the BRAZILIANS…

  19. Hey mate. I’ve never been a fan of reading, but once I read Kick Off, I just had to read all of the series. Really love the books. When’s the next book coming out?

  20. Hi Dan I really enjoyed your Jamie Johnson books, will you be writing any more about what happened after the Real Madrid v Hawkstone? Please do I love your books!

  21. Hello dan pleeeeeeaaaaaaase can you write another book because I really liked all your books from kick off to skills from Brazil and can I pick what it is called please and I would love a movie sorry for wasting your time and asking so much questions I really loved your books please answer soon love cameron

    1. Thanks Cameron! You are not wasting my time! I write the books for you guys! I agree a movie would be great

  22. Hi dan i just wanted to say that i’m football mad and your books inspire me to play football. I have read every one of your books and they are all awesome. Jamie johnson’s journey to the top has been so exciting to read and i just wanted to know if you’ll be making anymore in the future.


  23. Hi Dan could you pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaase tell me if there is a book coming out after skills from Brazil.
    By the way it’s great!!!!
    Ps.love your books!!!

  24. Hi dan. I really love your books and I’ve just finished reading Final Whistle. Surprised by the injuries Jamie gets into. Pleeeeaseee can u tell me if there is a book coming after final whistle and will u make the Jamie Johnson series into a movie series. That would be way cool and thanks for reading comment 🙂 🙂

  25. Hey Dan! you visited my school (Stepney Green) and gave me a football a couple a months ago. Anyway i wanted to ask you, when is your TV show about Jamie Johnson coming out.

    1. Thanks Jeff, so pleased you enjoyed them. As for anymore … you never know, I’m thinking of new JJ stories all the time! Dan

  26. HI DAN just finished your JJ books and they were amazing i loved them and i reallllyyyy WANT there to be another book after FINAL WHSTLE plz plz plz plz DAN

    1. Really pleased you enjoyed them so much Hector. Great to hear that so many JJ fans want to know what happens after Final Whistle. Dan

  27. Its up to you ….but i would love one after final whistle or one were jamie is older and he”s managing a soccer team or something cool like that ….what do you think

  28. Dan….i recently started playing a carer mode on fifa 14 and i named my player …Jamie Johnson…..hes become the the player on fifa …rating 96 ……….i just taught it would be cool to share it with you

  29. Hi Dan, I was whether a goalkeeper based novel would be good idea. Not many have probably thought of this idea, considering people are mainly interested in strikers? Just an idea.



    1. Well….it’s a big question. I left it like that because I’m not always keen on big, sweet happy endings (all the time) but, at the same time, I couldn’t end on a sour note. It’s for you to decide.
      I hope he did score though!

  31. Hi Dan! Our names are Skye(boy 11) and Trinity(girl 8[nickname En])We like the Jamie Johnson books but I think there should be 1 more(I almost put 11). Maybe you could call it A Bird in Flight or something like that. It could be about Jamie’s life after Skills from Brazil and he forming a club called…um..I don’t know! You make the call.We live in Singapore and are homeschooled.So we don’t go to school.(I [Skye] wrote everything)(yay me!)

    Skye & En

    1. Thanks Skye and En … it’s great to know the JJ books are being read in Singapore! Thank you for your ideas which are always very welcome. As for another book, well you never know …

  32. Hi Dan in the ending of skills from brazil where Rafael becomes manager of Hawkstone united what happens. please write another book I didn’t like reading before but when I started reading the Jamie Johnson series I could not get enough of them now I spend half of my day reading your books have inspired me to read more.

    1. I love this Graham … always makes me smile to hear the JJ series have inspired someone to pick up books and enjoy reading! What do you think would happen after Rafael becomes Manager of Hawkstone?

    1. I’m glad you love them Isaac! There already is a seventh … Skills from Brazil which came out just before the World Cup this summer. I hope you enjoy the other books as much as the first two you have read. Dan

  33. Hey Dan! I really enjoy your books. Is “Skills from Brazil” and “Born to play” a following on “Final whistle”? And are you going to write another book?

    Thanks for answering!

    1. I am so pleased to hear you enjoy reading the books, thank you for telling me! Born to Play and Skills from Brazil are actually prequels to the Jamie Johnson series, and as for writing another book … I am always considering new ideas! Dan

  34. DAN Will there be another book or even a TV show?…I loved the JJ series and really want more…Or even you could write a new series?


  35. hiya Dan

    i hope you remember me (even though) you talk to many kids every day. I dont think you wil remeber…But i was just wondering when is the next series or books coming out. Is it possible that you can reveal a date or something please. i would really appreciate it


  36. Dan

    i just love the way you present your books the plot, the story line, the problems for Jamie, everything is a absolute sensational piece of work…I admire you so much! Also about how at the start of the story you tell us that you wanted to be a professional and that you never got to, but however you can get many jobs to do with football. It is amazing!

    1. Thank you! It means alot to get such praise from one of my bosses! As for for more books … I am always working on new ideas for stories and as my bosses you will all be the first to know if I have something new being published. Dan

    2. Do you think youll ever do a linked series about Jack? Because as a girl that plays football and enjoys the Jamie Johnson books i would be really interested to see the story from Jacks perspective, both her successes and difficultys

      1. I love that idea too Lucie, it is something we have often talked about and I think might be great for the future. I am so pleased to hear you have enjoyed redaing the series. Dan

  37. I’m just wondering, in the start of the Man of the match book, when Hawkstone plays against Foxborough, why is not Bolt (Anthony Asamoah) in the Foxborough team? 🙂 By the way, I learn great english when I read your books 🙂

    1. Why do you think he wasn’t? I was fascinated to hear that my books help you to learn English and so pleased that they do! What is your home language, and how did you come across the Jamie Johnson series?

  38. dan i hate books so much so i looked in the bookshelf at school and picked up a book called skills from brazil it was amazing so i looked at the back if there was more so i started step by step kick off to shoot to win to golden goal to man of the match to world class to final whistle i read um all but now theres no more books and i barely read so if u could make another book i would be forever greatful u helped me get of the computer and read thanks dan!

    1. This kind of message makes my day Melvyn! I am so pleased you have read all the books in the series and enjoyed them so much. I will have to see what I can do about writing some more for you! Dan

  39. Please will you come to my school (Fairfield primary) it’s in Cockermouth cumbria I think you are an amazing author and I love the Jamie Johnson series I hope you will bring out more.

    1. Thank you Archie, that really is great to know! If you would like me to come to your school you will actually have to ask your teachers. They can contact me via the website to get more details if they would like. Dan

  40. hi Dan! loving the books! i’ve finished reading all the books and i’m reading them for the 4th time!

    if you make a new book where me and the JJ fans get to know what happens after the Hawkstone v Real Madrid match, and maybe something special can happen between JJ and Jack! hope you will reply to me 🙂

    p.s: i’m a left footer and a left winger, and i can do the rainbow flick!

    p.p.s: thought you should know that 🙂

    1. Hi Ben. I’m pleased you like my books. It’s always great to get comments like these. How long did it take you to learn the rainbow flick?

  41. Dan, I honestly love your books and have read them since I was 12-13, and I’m now 15.
    Please, please consider making your book into a movie.
    I understand that it’s very difficult with the funding ect, but if you attempt to apply or brandish your ideas to professional film makers then who knows 🙂
    Goal I, and II were amazing and remind me about your book however 3 got ruined and no other movies are out, However your series could possibly make the best ever football movie ever made 🙂

  42. Dan could you please keep the series going and continue on from the end of The Final Whistle!! Try turn them into a movie too!!!

    1. Another book is always an option Darragh but there are no immediate plans for a new one right now. I’m pleased you like the idea of a movie … what would you think of a TV series? Dan

  43. Dan, is there going to be another Jamie Johnson book after Final Whistle becuase its killing me. There is a boy in my class and we both read your books. We think he dies? Pleeeeeeeease make another Jamie Johnson book apart from a prequel.

  44. are you writing a book to follow on the clifhanger in the final whistle. What do you think should happen in another book. Would love to hear your ideas.

    1. Not at the moment I’m afraid Joshua. There are a few other projects in the pipeline so watch this space!

  45. Heya this is kind of of off topic but I was wanting to know if blogs use WYSIWYG editors
    or if you have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a
    blog soon but have no coding experience so I wanted to get guidance from someone
    with experience. Any help would be enormously appreciated!

    1. There are plenty of blogging platforms out there now so you should be able to get away without coding. Look up ‘blogging platforms’ and do your research to see which is best for you. Good luck!

  46. Hi, Dan
    I also want to be a world class footballer and these books were and inspiration for me. Can you please make the book Final Whistle complete with Hannah’s finishing touch to the story published please?And please never stop these series it makes Jamie Jhonson a real life character

    1. Hi Aryan. Thanks for your comment. I’m really pleased that my books have inspired you. That’s the best thing about writing! You will able to see Jamie come to life in the TV series soon!

  47. Dan will the TV series be on CBBC or BBC, when will they be on (are they being filmed now) how many episodes will there be and which books are they doing?

  48. Hi dan!
    Ive spotted a mistake in golden goal. Archie says that Jamie has been working with him for a couple of weeks four days after he gets the job!

  49. Hi Dan,
    Was there ever a JJ story or idea that never got through publishing? If so, what?
    Also, when is the TV seires coming out.?>?

    1. Great question. Yes, loads. Even some of the best ones have to be cut out if they don’t fit with the overall structure of the story you want to tell. But I probably won’t go into specifics because I might still need/use them in the future!

      And there are lots more ideas that I’d love to write into books. Jamie being a manager is something that a lot of people have suggested. What do you think of that idea? Have you got any suggestions of stories you’d like to see? Often the JJ readers can be a great source of inspiration and ideas. Thanks for such a great question.

  50. If you write another book would Jamie still be at Barcelona or another prequel?
    I’d love to see Jamie win the champions league or Copa Del Ray with Barca.

  51. Do you know which books are being made into tv? I assume it would be the ones where he is as a child… born to play, skills”from Brazil, kick off and maybe shoot to win?

    1. Hi Dan,
      Its not actually based on any of the books. It’s inspired by several of the books but tells it’s own new story.

  52. Hi Dan,
    Is it true that shoot to win was originally called Shooting Star? It’s just that the earlier version of the kick off had a preview of it and it said shooting star.

    1. They were all very hard to write. That’s one of the things about being an author. The Kick Off was the first book I wrote and that took me 4 Years!
      There were a lot of difficult times. I often sat at 2 in the morning, feeling really tired and trying to things to do to make the books better.
      The books are not so much easy to write but fun and thats the key to writing. If I’m having fun creating them, hopefully you’re having fun reading them!

  53. Hi dan you came to my school last week and I done a workshop with you and from that you have made me like books and I’m also trying to write one
    My book is based around Jamie Johnson and football as I’ll write anything about football and if you know me all I talk about is football. the boys in my school say football is only for boys so I’ve made a girl version as I’m a girl and I love it so thank you very much for making me read different books that aren’t just about football

    1. Hello Brionny,
      It’s great to hear how much you enjoyed my visit to your school. Your book sounds great. Have you ever thought about becoming a writer? It’s always amazing to hear from girl footballers and hear how much they love the game. Do you play with any teams?

  54. Hey Dan you should definitely do another book after final whistle because im dying to see what happens to jamie and i would like you to do a jamie johnson movie or tv show. plus im writing a biography about you and i need help . When and where were you born?

    1. Hello Shania,
      A CBBC series is on its way! Have a look at this. I will keep you posted on any updates.

      I was born in London 37 years ago. There is a some more information on the website here. If you need anything else let me know.

  55. Never mind about the other questions but is this ok for the biography?

    37 years ago in London a boy called Dan Freedman was born.
    He loved football from a young age but thought he wasn`t good enough for a professional stage of playing. He played it a lot when he was younger and he still likes playingit just for fun.
    When he was just 13 he wrote an article and sent to `Shoot!` the magazine and published articles into the Mail Of Sunday and the Daily Express. When he left university he was offered a job at the Football Association. Within two years he went to the 2002 world cup held in korea and japan. He interviewed the England squad and reported on their matches.
    Over the years he got to know all the England players like Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard and got to interview them.
    He didn`t just work with the England squad, he worked closely with the Manchester United squad with players like Roy Keane, Cristiano Ronaldo and Sir Alex Ferguson.
    He wrote the Jamie Johnson series containing The Kick Off, Shoot To Win, Golden Goal, Man Of The Match, World Class, Final Whistle, Skills From Brazil and Born To Play.

    1. I think this is absolutely terrific.

      Clearly a lot of thought, effort and time has gone into it.

      Big congratulations!


  56. Hi Dan!

    I wrote in April, and I can’t believe you replied! It took me 3 months to learn, with constant hard working! WHEN IS A NEW BOOK OR MOVIE COMING OUT!! It drives me crazy that a new book hasn’t been published, or a movie hasn’t been made.

    I am making a new book, and it is after the final whistle, where Jack and JJ get married and have 2 kids! And this is where JJ is under Rafael, and it has taken me 9 months, and I have written 12 out of 49 chapters
    From, Ben.

    1. Hello Ben.
      I would love to read what you have written! It sounds like you have put a lot of work into it. The new series is coming out next year. I will keep you posted on the dates.

  57. AWW yesss Dan I keep checking the CBBC website for news!

    If you were ever going to write another book, where would it be at in Jamie’s life?

    I would like it to be where Jamie is under Rafael in his life.

    1. Hi Ben,
      Keep checking the website for any news. I will let you know as soon as I can. You sound like you have put a lot of thought into further Jamie Johnson adventures! I’m not sure what would be the next chapter in his life.

  58. Hi Dan! Your books are amazing. Every time I read them I can just feel that I’m there watching everything and I feel like I’ve known Jamie my whole life. One quick suggestion, could you please make a book about Jamie and Rafael da Cruz’s career together:)

    1. Hello there.
      It’s great to get suggestions and feedback from readers. What do you think would happen with Jamie and his further career?

  59. Happy new year Dan! I wanted to talk to you. About 3-4 years ago you visited my primary school, St.Pauls, in Ireland and you signed copy of Man of the Match for me. Sadly I only got around to reading it recently but I read it faster than any other book I’ve read. I really liked it so my Dad ordered me all the other books of the series. They were all great (even better than expected) and I liked the cliffhanger at the end of Final Whistle as it means that Jamie’s story doesn’t have to end. It’s good to have football books for my own age group as other football books are mostly story books for little kids.
    I was really happy to see that a Jamie Johnson TV show was coming out because I was hoping to see Jamie again.
    I know that a film (like the Goal series) would be hard to make and I’m not gonna beg you for it as a TV show is just as good (the longer the better lol) and hopefully there’s chance for Jamie to get onto the big screen in the future.
    Basically I really enjoy the JJ series and I can’t wait for the TV show to air.


    P.S. I don’t know if I said it before but thanks for the signed book! 🙂

    1. Hi Laura,
      Thanks for your comments. I love visiting Ireland and I’m impressed that you remember my visit from all those years ago. Do you have any thoughts about what happened at the end of Final Whistle?
      I’m really excited about the TV series coming out as well. A film would be great at well.

  60. hi dan.
    your books about Jamie Johnson are amazing I couldn’t stop reading them please make more book plz
    and by the way did Jamie Johnson die at the end of final whistle? and did he score it?

    1. Hello,
      I think the great thing about ending a book on a cliffhanger is that it gives the reader the chance to think about what may have happened. Do you have any ideas as to how the story ended?

  61. Hi!

    I love your Jamie Johnson books! Jamie is exactly like me, and I want to be a proffesional!
    I think it’s sad that the story ended in Final Whistle in such a abrupt ending.
    I am curios about what’s happening with Jamie in the constinuation.


    1. Hello there!
      It’s great to hear that you enjoy my books. I ended the book the way I did to give the reader the chance think about what happened. How would you have written the ending. I would love to know your ideas.

  62. Hi Dan!
    First of all, happy new year! (Bit late but still :p)

    I’m so happy that the days are nearing towards the day they start airing Jamie!
    Are you working on anything?
    Hope so, because it would be awesome to write about Rafael in Jamie’s life, and loads of other fans are asking for it too!


    1. Happy new year to you too Ben! I am working on something at the moment. It’s a very exciting time for me as well waiting for the series to be aired! Keep checking the website and I will update you as soon as I know something.

  63. Hi Dan.. I can’t believe I am actually speaking to you!! Well posting but anyway.. I would like to thank you for making the Jamie Johnson books.. All the effort for the books must have taken a long time to write! But anyway, I remember you saying that in your days there weren’t any football books or interesting things to read. You made the Jamie Johnson series but once we have finished that what are we going to read..?? Why don’t you make another series and share your talent to the world. Please make another book. By the look in the pictures you are really young! Are you just going to stop writing now? When there could be another 30 years of writing books and making kids like us happy.

    Kind Regards,

    Your Number One Fan


    1. Hello Danny,
      I have a few years writing left in me yet so who knows what the future will bring! I’m really pleased that you like my books. It makes all the hard work worth it when you hear that someone has enjoyed them. I’m really excited about the T.V series coming out now!

        1. The TV series will be out this year! Keep an eye on the website and as soon as I know any dates I will post it on there!

  64. Hi Dan, I’ve read every book in the series and absolutely loved them, can’t wait for the TV series! What channel will it be on?

  65. Hey Dan! Happy St. Patrick’s day!

    So happy to hear that you’re working on something! I keep checking the website for news, and so happy that the Jamie Johnson series is only 3 months away!

    Have a good day, and Happy St. Patty’s day!

  66. Hi Dan, I’m a huge fan. I’m reading World Class right now and it’s great. I wanted to ask what’s your favourite Jamie Johnson book out of the set? PS: Will you write any more Jamie Johnson books? They are awesome and I never want them to end :). PPS: Eagerly waiting for the T.V series right now!

    1. Hi,
      It’s great to hear that you are enjoying the books. I’m not planning on any more JJ books at the moment. It’s really hard for me to say which is my favourite. I put so much work into them that they are all special to me! I am pretty excited about the TV series as well! Let me know what you think of it.

  67. Hi Dan, I thnk that there should be a sequel to Final Whistle about how Jamie gets the Ballon D’or and signs for Hawkstone permanentley.There should also be a special where Jamie goes to the Euros with Scotland.
    Hope you like these ideas. Can’t wait for the T.V series.

    1. Amazing ideas David!
      I’m really looking forward to the TV series as well! It will be great to see Jamie on the small screen.

  68. Hey Dan!

    I just wanted to ask, if the series starts airing in June, then what exact day does it start airing? My birthday is in June, so… it would be pretty cool if it would start airing on my birthday!


  69. Hello Dan I love your books but I really hope you’re going to make another one. My favorite one is Man of the Match. Do you know what the new series will be called yet?

  70. Hello Dan. I love your books. They were so inspiring. i just wanted to know if there is going to be a new book after Final Whistle. I really want to know what happens next.

    1. Thanks for writing in Umar. It’s great to hear that you find the books inspiring! That’s the sort of comment authors like to hear!
      I will keep you posted about any new books in the future!

  71. Hi Dan! Can’t believe the show stared airing on my birthday! I loved the episodes, but the series is too short! Are there going to be any new episodes?

  72. Hi Dan i would like to tell you that you make me want to read more books and i never want the series to end until Jamie Johnson becomes a legend. #NeverbetagainstJamieJohnson

    1. Have you visited your local library? You could also ask you teachers if they could get a set for your school library.

  73. Hi Dan I have read every book twice and wonder if a new one is gonna come out if so will you try using my ideas of when jamie has to go up against ronaldo and messi to find it who will win the ballon d’or. Or maybe jamie could have kids but either way jamie becomes one heck of a legend!

  74. i keep reading your books on and on dan your books are amazing keep up the good work!!!! and also if theres a movie coming out give us a shout it would be much appreciated

  75. Will Jamie continue with hawkstone or he will again play for barcelona ? I am one of the greatest fan of Barcelona……

  76. HI! Dan having a nice time reading your books can you publish a new book after jamie jhonson born to play i am sincerly looking forward that you may publish a new book. take time i know many readers are forcing you to write new books but make this book the best of best all the best wishes from all jamie jhonson readers are with you. you rockkkkkkkkkkkk.

    1. I am working on things at the moment Ibrahim! I will keep you posted so keep checking back here for any updates. I haven’t read any other books about football. I think that is because Jamie Johnson is so special to me!

  77. HI Dan,
    Like many others I would love it if you made a new book because the way that you left Final Whistle was so cool. If there was a new book wouldn’t Jamie be 36 as in Skills From Brazil it said 25 years later?
    From your greatest fan,

    1. It is amazing how many requests I have for a new JJ book! Most of the fans want to know what happened after Final Whistle finished.

  78. Which of the books have been converted for American English ?

    I bought the ‘born to play’ at the booth at the NSCAA convention, and to my surprise my son wants more.

  79. Hi Dan! I love your books so much but I have only read the first two books of the series but my friend is going to give Golden Goal and Man of the Match!!! I am really looking forward to reading all of your books that you have wrote!!!! I have just got one question that is are you going to write any more books?? I am too excited to read all of your books!!!! I hope you write one more book in the future!!!

    1. Hard question. I don’t think I noticed how tall they were as I was so busy watching what an incredible job they were doing acting.

  80. Hi Dan I’m Adam and I’m 12 and i just got given a signed copy of born to play from my teacher! I really enjoyed it and read it all without stopping! I would really like there to be a sequel to final whistle, will there be one?

    Thanks, Adam Fox (age 12)

    1. I’m not sure yet if there will be a sequel to Final Whistle. I’m really pleased you enjoyed the books!

  81. Hi dan freedman just wanted to ask there a series three and there any auditions will you keep me updated please and to audition for Jamie Johnson what website do you have to go on to apply for a part? Please reply.

  82. HI Dan
    I love all your books . My favourite is skills
    From Brazil and World class.Do you know the plot of your new Jamie Johnson book?

    1. I have quite a few ideas yes. I have a book coming out this year though about something different so we will need to wait for the next JJ book for the time being.

    1. Hi there,
      I am working on a few things at the moment! It’s been really busy with the new series coming out.

  83. Hi Dan,
    Season 4? Since the season was aired yesterday have your film team discussed anything about it and will be based on the fourth jj book sequel ‘man of the match’. And Jamie Johnson is the best football tv series since Dream Team. Do you Remember Dream Team that was aired on sky one? #HarchesterUnited

  84. Hi Dan,
    I have been a massive fan of the books since I was young, I remember how invested I once was in The Kick Off as a 9 year old, now being 19 I feel as though I need closure, was the final whistle really the final whistle on the JJ book series, or should I keep my eye out for the last chapter?
    Cheers for all the happy hours I’ve spent reading

    1. Hi Daniel,
      What a lovely message.
      There’s a little postscript to Final Whistle on the website… Click here!.
      There’s also a little snippet of Jamie post Final Whistle at the end of Skills From Brazil.
      As for more JJ books in the future, it would be good yes but at the moment I’m working on other books.
      Keep an eye out for Unstoppable in February.
      Thanks again for your kind words.

  85. Hi Dan,

    please can you make another book after the final whistle and do a story and expand on how Jack and Jamie get on together with their ‘relationship’


    1. If you would like to find out what happens after Final Whistle, check out the postscript here! A new book is something I’d love to do in the future… perhaps their relationship is something we’ll explore further in another book some time…

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