Every month, we name a huge Jamie Johnson fan as a Fan of The Month! This fan could be anyone, from anywhere around the globe. He, she or they could come to our attention in several diverse ways, for example, at a school Dan attends, a piece of writing he or she sends to Dan, or a fan-mail or letter that they have sent. We like to have an interview with the winner as well.

Congratulations to Dilan – he is the September JJ Fan of The Month!

JJPpic1Name:- Dilan Deol

Age:- 7

Where are you from?:- Burnham, South Bucks

What makes you a massive Jamie Johnson fan?:- I read all the books in 10 days and have seen every episode of the TV show twice!

[10 days – wow! Is that a record? Have other JJ fans read all the books in a shorter time? DF)

How did you discover the JJ Series?:- I read “Born to Play” at school, and my Dad bought the rest of the set for me. I love reading!

Why do you like the books?:- I like the books because they are so exciting – I can’t stop turning the pages to see what happens next.

If you could be one JJ character for a day, who would it be?:- JJ because he inspires me to play football.

What is your favourite JJ book and why?:- My favourite JJ book is “‘Golden Goal” because he dedicates himself to Hawkstone United.

JJpic2What has been your favourite moment in the JJ Series so far?:- My favourite moment was when JJ scored a bicycle kick past Leon Tibbs in “Born to Play”.

If you wrote a JJ book yourself, what would you call it and what would happen?:- I would call it Champion of the Champions because Jamie would play in the Champions League in the book.

Did you watch the recent World Cup? If so, which of the matches was your favourite and why?:- Yes I did watch it and my favourite match was England v Panama because England thrashed them 6-1!

Do you watch the JJ TV Series on CBBC? If so, which of the series has been your favourite and why?:- Of course I watch it – it’s my favourite programme! My favourite season was Season 2 as he won the Inter School Cup that year.

If you could ask JJ one question, what would it be?:- Can I have a match against you?


Are you a big JJ fan or do you know one? They could be the next JJ Fan of the Month like Dilan! Email Dan at dan@danfreedman.co.uk!