Some fantastic feedback from two fans in Denmark

If you love football, love playing football or just love reading about
football this book couldn’t get any better.

Jamie Johnson is an eleven year old boy with Foguinho hair. He has one
dream. To be a footballer. Which inspires many young boys (and maybe girls,
like us) in the football world.

It’s an inspiring read for all football fans, and if you’re not a football
fan, this book gives you the inspiration. And to all the moms who can’t get
their boy to read a book because they would rather play fifa or someting,
then this book is perfect for anyone who is struggling to get an 11-14 year
old to read, especially if they’re only interested in football.

But for us, two 16 years old girls this isn’t a book we would read by our
own choice. It wasn’t such a interesting book for us, as it would be for the
younger boys. But we think, that the idea of making the drawings and the
dictionary was really good.

Sofia & Mathilde


Fan Mail and a great piece of writing from Tommy

I recently received an e-mail from Tommy,  who not only is a JJ fan,  but is also a pretty fantastic writer himself!  I am very pleased to be able to share this letter from Tommy,  so you can all read his work.  I think Tommy is an author in the making!  Keep up the writing Tommy and we hope to see some more from you in the future.


Hi Dan!

Thank you so much for the email! I wish someone had taken a photo when I saw the email. I was absolutely buzzing! I find it one of the best things in the world to get a response from someone who inspires you!


So thank you!


I really enjoyed the film! It is good that a company made this because whenever I was reading the series I just wished Jamie was brought out of the pages!!! Also, as Jamie seemed so realistic in the book, instead of pretending in school break that I was Messi or someone like that, I would choose Jamie Johnson instead! He sounds like a great player!  When you were writing the JJ books, how did you imagine Jamie? Was it the same features as the boy in the video?

Thank you for showing me the film! It was really enjoyable to watch!


As I would love to be a football writer like you, I hope it is alright if I shared a little paragraph of my football writing. Please can you tell me what you think. Hope you enjoy!


The crowd’s thumping noise shot into Jamie’s ears. Jamie knew what he had to do… take the penalty. His nerves were fraught! Then, with great skill, Jamie blocked the banging noises of the crowd. Eyes lay on him. Journalists were poised for the action. His club on his shoulders. But Jamie just imagined he was at the park with Jack. Happily playing along. He had scored plenty of penalties and he was the master at them! Always hard and low! A confidence sprung in his mind and the nerves were pushed away. Slowly, Jamie ran towards the ball… BANG!!!

The FA Cup Final ball smashed into the back of the net!

And the crowd went wild!


Hope you enjoyed the paragraph! Once again thank you for the email! It gave my such a great feeling when I was reading it!


Hope you enjoyed,



Some brilliant news from Charlotte

I recently received the following letter from Charlotte and would like to thank her for taking the time to write .  Hearing that my books have inspired an otherwise reluctant reader to finally enjoy a book is one of the greatest compliments I can get.  I hope Ben carries on enjoying reading!

Dear Dan,

My 9 year old son Ben is a very reluctant reader – my husband and I battle with him most evenings to get him to read and when he does he moans a lot during the process.

Anyway something incredible happened this week after you visited Rosh Pinah School.  I came and bought “The Kick Off” at the end of the school day and Ben has read it every evening without even being asked.  In fact the first  thing my husband said to me this morning was “you’ll never guess what Ben did this morning.  He woke up and started reading.”  I was floored!!!
So thank you, thank you, thank you.  Ben is so excited to read the rest of your Jamie Johnson books.  
Forever grateful
Charlotte Sassen


Some Great Writing from Connor

I always love getting work from young fans and the quality of work is always great.  This piece is fantastic and a huge thanks to Connor for sending it in.

Top 10 footballers

You will need a PDF viewer to read this.  Get Adobe here.


Brilliant letter from Jayne

Read this lovely letter from Jayne at St Stephen’s Junior School in Kent. ‎