On this page we’ll be looking at some of the key skills in football…and helping you to train and perfect them. We’ll also be using some of the sections in the JJ books where Jamie is learning the skills too so that you can train just like Jamie…


Skill 1: The Double Drag Back

Would you like to perfect this skill?

The double drag-back is one of the most skilful ways to beat your opponent. If you can master this one, you’ll look like one seriously classy player!

First, let’s see it in action


Ok, now let’s look at how to do it, JJ style…

1 As you approach the defender . . .
2 . . . . turn your body away from him, dragging the ball back with your right foot.
3 Keep turning, stepping over the ball and switching feet to drag the ball back with your left foot this time.

4 Now finish the turn and your second drag-back at the same time. . .
5 And you’ll be facing the way you were originally running.
6 But now you’ve got the defender behind you and the ball in front of you. . .


7 So you’re ready to accelerate away!






Skill 2: The Snake

The move Jamie spent hours perfecting when he was at Foxborough.

This is the skill made most famous by the legendary Brazilian Ronaldinho.

When done right, it’s such a fast, tight skill…it’s literally impossible to defend against.

Learn it and make the defenders weep!


Remember the key to the snake is to do it all in one movement!

First, let’s see it in action


Ok, now let’s look at how to do it, JJ style…

Push the ball diagonally forward with the outside of your foot …




then use the inside of the same foot to tap the ball in the opposite direction and accelerate away!








Skill 3:  Dribbling

Jamie does this with great pace!

You want to be a proper ‘baller? You want to beat people? You want to be an exciting player to watch?

Well then you need to learn to dribble…
First, let’s see how a pro does it …


Now let’s see how JJ does it…













Skill 4: The Overhead Kick

Jamie was born to do this!

Possibly the most difficult and, at the same time, most awesome piece of skill in the whole of football, a perfectly executed overhead kick is one of the most incredible sights you will ever see on a football pitch…

First, let’s see it in action

Ok, now let’s look at how to do it, JJ style…  just follow Jack’s instructions!

born-to-play-1born-to-play-21.  Relax … it’s all in the timing!

2.  As the ball comes to you, leave your kicking leg on the ground and jump into the air, leading with your other leg …

3.  Keep your eyes completely fixed on the ball, right through until you strike it …

4.  Strike the ball with your laces … and still keep your eyes on it!

5.  After you’ve got in your shot, just use your arms to break your fall.  That way, you’ll be up quickly o celebrate your goal!







Skill 5: The Step Over

How to trick the defender!

If you have the ball,  use this move to make the defence player think you are going to move in a different direction!

This is the ultimate skill to beat your defender.

It takes lots of practice but it really is the killer move!


Jamie used this for the first time during a match and secured a win for Kingfield against Breswell in Shoot to Win.  It takes lots of practice but it worth it and can be the difference between winning and losing the game.

When mike shows Jamie he asked Jamie to imagine  the ball being the face of a mouse with big ears like Mickey Mouse.micky's head






How did this help?  It all makes sense when JJ imagines the ears around the ball and Mike explains what he has to do.

1:  Stand on the mouse’s ear.

stand on head







2:  Shave his head by sweeping your other foot around the top of the ball/ head.


3:  Knock him away!  Kick him away with the foot you used to stand on his ear.  Remember to accelerate as you go to get ahead of the defender.

knock him away








Now you’re ready to practice!