Reading for Pleasure …

How many times have you heard your teacher mention this?

How important it is and why you should just ‘read for pleasure’?

Schools talk about it all the time, don’t they?

It’s a tricky one because the reason they do is that they know that if you’re reading you’ll probably be:

– cleverer

– more successful

– healthier

– more knowledgable

– more powerful

– happier

– more relaxed

Now, if I said there was a magic pill that would make you all of those things, you’d probably take it straight away! But, when you’re at school and it’s a teacher trying to get you to read sometimes it can just feel like something boring that they are trying to force you to do, doesn’t it?

As someone who didn’t actually begin to really enjoy reading until I left school, I understand how you feel  … all you want to do is get on with the activities you love the most, your sport maybe or playing your video games … reading books may seem like a rather dull option.

But believe me, once you get into reading it isn’t dull at all, the secret is finding what you love to read and you can only do that by trying it out for yourself!

If you are reading this then you have already started!  You may well have read some or all of the JJ books if you are checking out my website, but even if you haven’t read any of the books … you are reading now and that’s a great start!

Here are my top tips to get reading and enjoy it  …

It does become addictive … the more you read, the more you learn about the things you love!  And it’s great to get lost in a good story … escape into another world with a book you won’t want to put down!

As for me … I enjoy reading all sorts of things … but one of my favourite authors has always been Roald Dahl.  He showed me that reading and writing wasn’t boring … it was funny, mischievous and massively enjoyable!

So I think that’s the point, find what you enjoy and go for it!

Reading for Pleasure means reading what you want.  It’s up to you … and remember, if you find you’re not enjoying what you’re reading it’s ok to stop and try something else!