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Dan's Writing Journey




On World Book Day, FIFA, the world governing body of football, did an extensive interview with Dan on his experiences in football and writing.

Here is the interview:


CBBC Newsround

Dan talks to CBBC Newsround about his novel, Unstoppable, and the serious issue of knife crime the book tackles facing teenagers in society.

Here is the interview:


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Plazoom interviewed Dan to discuss Unstoppable – and how it’s possible to turn a passion into fuel for developing reading and writing.

This episode is divided into three sections, which can be listened to in one go or as a sequence. If you only have time to listen to one, we recommend section 2, which includes Dan reading from Unstoppable.

Section 1 starts at 00:00
Section 2 starts at 20:55
Section 3 starts at 33:45

Links are here to listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts.

The BBC Writers Room interviewed Dan about his development as a writer and the journey of Jamie Johnson from the page to the screen.
The interview was in two parts.

Here is the first part:


Here is the second part:




Dan talked to The Times Educational Supplement about two teachers who inspired him.

Here’s the interview (registration required):


Dan talked to Teach Secondary about his journey from reluctant reader to author.

Here’s the interview:



Why Dads should read with their kids.

This is a guide that Dan wrote for Renaissance Learning:

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Calling all Schools

Make reading and writing cool

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