Here are some videos about me and the books:


Brilliant Video With Two Top Footballers Introducing The Kick Off!

Eni in Books to Life





Introducing the character of Jamie Johnson

Introducing JJ





Reading an excerpt of Golden Goal






Introducing the character Jack (Jacqueline) Marshall






Reading from Born to Play (15 mins)







How Wayne Rooney inspired Born to Play






Journalism: Advice on how to conduct an interview






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  1. i saw you at the workshop at school i really liked the asembly that you put on at Star Primary school and your books

  2. we really like your books and we think that they are really inspiring and cool and cant wait for you to come to our school this week #debdenparkhighschool. you will see us because we do a news thing at our school see you soon good bye

  3. who is jj’s character based on. ps i love your tv series, i have watched every episode, they are brilliant!!!!!!

    1. The characters are a a mixture of people I have met. I think it makes the characters more believable.

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