The boys and staff are overwhelming me with positive feedback. Even the Classics teacher, who is not remotely interested in football was riveted by your presentation.
‘One of the best’, ‘Best Ever’, ‘Really interesting’, ‘Loved the way he just chatted to us’, ‘Wanted it to go on longer’, ‘Dan inspired me to want to be a better writer’…just some of the comments so far.
I hope we can arrange a return visit in the not too distant future. Best of luck with al the ventures on the horizon. We’ll be watching!
It was a pleasure meeting you. Shame it went so quickly.

Sue Smith

Merchant Taylors’ Prep School


[twocol_one] [quote]

The children were very excited and discovered facts about Dan’s background and what inspired him to become an author. He shared his experiences of working with the England Team, travelling with them to two World Cups as well as personally interviewing people such as Beckham, Ronaldo and Messi and having the amazing opportunity to meet Nelson Mandela.  This visit was especially poignant as recently we started a Kindle Group, targeting boys in Year 5 who were initially reluctant readers. We chose The Jamie Johnson series, written by Dan to read on their kindles  which has been an inspirational success and the results have been astonishing. They are now very enthusiastic and committed to their Kindle Club, which is extremely encouraging as we continue with the programme.
The boys have shown responsibility, commitment and enthusiasm for reading which is by far their greatest achievement. We have now expanded our Kindle Club into Year 4 with 6 new members to follow the same programme which is very exciting. Both the children and staff were truly captivated by Dan’s visit and he has without a doubt left a permanent imprint on many of their minds on how reading can transport you to great places.
Thank you Dan and we look forward to working with you in the future!

[/quote]Mrs R Chidgey
St Stephen’s Junior School


[twocol_one_last] [quote style=”boxed”]I just wanted to say a huge thank you on behalf of the boys, for your really great visit. The pupils here thoroughly enjoyed the day, as indeed did the boys from Inchmarlo. As ever I am inundated with requests for your books, so you need to put pen to paper as soon as the CBBC programme is underway, because what on earth are the guys going to read next?/quote]Mrs K Lindsay,
The Royal Belfast Academical Institution

[twocol_one] [quote]Dan had all of our KS2 children captured and wanting to hear more from him. His books are now our most popular readers in the library.  We have children reading that were so reluctant before.  We cannot thank him enough for taking the time to visit us and we look forward to welcoming him back in the very near future.[/quote]Mrs K Presser
Rosh Pinah Primary School


[twocol_one_last] [quote style=”boxed”]It was a huge pleasure welcoming Dan Freedman to The Gosforth Community Book Festival hosted by Newcastle School for Boys. Dan was an outstanding speaker who spoke to over 700 children in 2 fascinating sessions. His passion for football, reading and writing was appreciated by all the children who hung on his every word. Dan also very kindly gave up some of his free time to do an extra session with Y5 and 6 boys from Newcastle School for Boys which was so very much appreciated. Messi, Beckham, Mandela and much much more. “Dan Freedman rocks,” as one of our Y5 boys said. I could not agree more.[/quote]Simon Asker,
Newcastle School for Boys


[twocol_one] [quote] The children are still buzzing about Dan’s visit,  and all of his books are now out of the library and there’s a waiting list!

[/quote]Julie Baugh
Wilbury Junior School


[twocol_one] [quote]Dan was an inspiration to our boys – encouraging them to produce creative writing beyond their usual standards. His books have also inspired some of the students to reading both wider and more frequently.[/quote]Barbara Band,

Emmbook School


[quote style=”boxed”]For mixed ability kids he was so appropriate. Very patient with their questions. He was brilliant. I would love to hear him again.[/quote]David Cummings, 
Rainham Girls School


[quote]Seeing Tom and Sami with their noses glued to a book in quiet reading is a sight I never thought I would see.[/quote]Sue Hickman, 
St Paul’s Cray Primary School


[quote style=”boxed”]He really did inspire the children. The fact that he is so knowledgeable about football makes his books exciting and proves to the boys that they can be connected to football through words as well as actions.[/quote]Dawn Finch, 
Wheatfields School[/twocol_one]

[twocol_one_last] [quote style=”boxed”]It has been a pleasure to see the children walking around the school carrying the books. This, I am sure, is due to them being able to associate a real-life author with an actual novel.[/quote]Victoria Nemeth,
Highgate Junior School


[quote]The teachers were extremely impressed with your visit and how you motivated the children to write – apparently they have never worked so hard on a piece of writing. So thank you because you really made an impact on our children.[/quote]Amanda Parker,
Raynehurst Primary School


[quote style=”boxed”]The talk was very motivational for our students. It will be a day they will remember for ever.[/quote]Penny Didcock.
Icknield Community College


[quote]It was a pleasure to see that despite the bell signalling the end of the day, the students were still eager to stay and ask you more questions.[/quote]Mr G Sammons,
Headteacher, Crookhorn College of Technology[/twocol_one_last]


[quote style=”boxed”]How rewarding it is to witness Dan in action! As teachers we found ourselves nodding along with everything Dan told the children. He told them that writing was cool. He told them it could be just as exciting as a heated football match. Of course, they believed him! They believed him because to every child in the audience, in particular our sport loving boys, Dan is cool! Dan was given the objective to inspire our boys to write and that was most certainly achieved during his writing workshops. Dan’s introductory talk hooked the children and left them thirsty for more. In group workshops the children were engaged and desperate to impress. Every hand was up to share completed writing tasks and ask questions. I know Dan has made a lasting impression on those who witnessed his workshops today. Many thanks Dan from all at Sheen Mount.[/quote]Mr Beatty,
Sheen Mount Primary School


[quote style=”boxed”]We had a fantastic day … the big talk generated a lot of excitement, and plenty of questions, and the workshop was a joy!! There was 50 minutes of concentration from 28 boys to each write a short story, and they all wanted to read them out at the end!! Dan managed to get the best out every single one of them – a highly successful return visit![/quote]Isabella Coles,

Chartered Librarian, Lord Grey School


[quote style=”boxed”]thank you for a fantastic day.  The students and staff enjoyed your visit so much. To see ALL 210 students (equating to 420 across the 2 year groups) utterly absorbed and engaged by you was amazing and makes all the hard work and preparation worthwhile. You were so inspiring.  I am sure there will be many students who have taken away that inspiration and will put it to good use in their own lives and plans for the future.[/quote]Michelle Frain,

Librarian, Hinchley Wood School


[quote style=”boxed”]Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic visit. The boys are buzzing and everyone is reading. Fantastic – mission accomplished (for now!).[/quote]Natasha Thompson,

Parkside School, Stoke D’Abernon

Video Conferencing

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  1. Thank you Dan for your very inspiring visit. The pupils loved the visit and they were so engaged in your talk, the images and clips you used. The feedback I have had from both staff and children has been very positive. I can’t go from one side of school to the other without a child telling me which page they are up to in the book or what has happened.
    We were in a very lucky position and got a great deal from Dan so we managed to get all children in years 5 and 6 a copy of his book which he then signed for him… yes all 120! This was the finishing touch which meant everything to the children.
    One teacher said ‘My class really enjoyed Dan Freedman’s visit. The children were really inspired by him and want to read all his books. He’s even got a couple of my very reluctant boys interested in reading!! I thought he was great! A really inspiring author who related his stories to the children.’
    Another teacher enthused about how she will be using ‘Skills from Brazil’ as a class reader following the lesson plans provided by Dan,as it will link well the the Summer Olympics. She explained how after the session, the children couldn’t keep their eyes off the books! ‘It was lovely – I could have let them read all afternoon! We will definitely do the activities in the summer and we will do what we can to keep the momentum going!’
    Lots of the children have already been on his website too, and can’t wait for the Jamie Johnson series. Our FBA club also shared with our partner school a quick review Dan’s talk and gave them 2 copies of the books to read, then they can discuss, feedback and blog together next time they meet.
    Overall, a great way to motivate reluctant children to read! Thank you Dan!!

    1. Thank you very much for your comments! I had a fantastic day and it’s fantastic to hear that others enjoyed it as well. It was great to meet everyone and hope you all enjoy the books!

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