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fanmail from Haiti

As I always say … all fanmail means a lot to me.  However,  I am sure you can imagine how thrilled I was to receive not one, but actually two lovely letters from fans of JJ in Haiti!

As an author, to know my stories travel so far and reach so many people in different parts of the globe is just incredible!







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  1. Dan
    Hi mate. Just wanted you to know that Harry, my seven year old son, left the library with a copy of Kick Off under his arm. I will update you with his verdict!!

    Hope life is good with you.


      1. hello dan freedman can i have one of your book please because my friends have told me about this book you wrote called kick off and ive heard that its about this expiering kid called jamie johnson

        1. I’m pleased you like my books. It’s great to hear that someone is enjoying something that I have written. Why is ‘World Class’ your favourite?

    1. Hi Dan, just wanted to say I’am loving your books really top notch nothing comes close to the series, also is there a chance you could write a book ahead of final whistle. Finally I’m playing at Crewe Alexandra academy in training I have a decent level of confidence but when it comes to a game it goes and I don’t feel confident to take anyone on so is there anything you could recommend???

      1. Hi Sean,
        I guess this is one of the key questions in football – and in life: “How do get over my nerves?”

        From what I can gather, you definitely have talent and dedication. To be playing Crewe at any level as a young footballer is a superb achievement. With their history of producing players, Crewe is one of the best places for a young player to develop.

        Your issue now – playing well in training, but less so in matches – is partly in the mind and partly footballing. The football aspect is that, when you are training, you are up against players that you know, so you are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and how to combat them. When you play in matches, you are coming up against players that you don’t know, so it’s that much harder.

        I suspect, though, that the real obstacle is more mental. The stress and nerves of playing in the matches as opposed to the relaxed atmosphere in training, where you can just do your stuff without the fear of consequences. A bit like when we know the answers to questions in school lessons but when we are faced with an exam, suddenly our mind goes blank.

        To combat your problem, I would allow yourself to think that, if you don’t play unbelievably well in every single match, it’s actually not the end of the world. You can still put in all the effort in the world, you can still affect the game and support your team-mates and be part of a winning side. You don’t have to be outstanding in every game. Take the pressure off yourself. Be part of the team, run your heart out, never stop running and trying.

        When you start thinking like that, and being aware that you cannot control everything that happens in every game, when you accept that sometimes you might make a mistake and that it will not be the end of the world, you might feel the pressure start to come off yourself and you might surprise yourself. You might even start to play better in matches than you do in training.

        Good luck, go for your goals and keep me updated please.


        I’m keen to get the input of other players and coaches on this one too, so please put in your comments below.

        1. Thx Dan we actually won today against Blackburn who were unbeaten this season 2-0 PS I will take on board the advice all the best, Sean

        2. Hi dan I was just wondering I’ve read every book (recently final whistle) and Iam getting curious Adams to whether you would write a next book after final whistle ???

          1. Anything is possible, but no immediate plans. Glad you have enjoyed reading the books.

  2. dear dan,
    hi I was just wondering what made you come up with the name Jamie Johnson. you’ve come to my school and I would like to be in a tv series.

    kind regards,
    harry collison

    1. Alliteration….the name has a ring to it…he’s so fast like Michael JOHNSON….and also look up a footballer that played for Scotland, named…Jimmy Johnstone…

  3. Hi Dan,
    I love your books, they are really good.
    I have read Kick-off, Im beginning to read ‘Shoot to win’ and i will read ‘Golden Goal’ and ‘World Class’ afterwards.
    I dont have ‘Final Whistle’ and i really want it!

    I saw you at Weston Favell Academy and it was great.


  4. Hi Dan!
    I am definitely your biggest fan in the world and I would treat Jamie Johnson like my brother. I copy all the moves in the book and follow every bit of advice. Anyway, I wanted to ask you, will there be any Jamie Johnson movies. I bet they will be a TOP HIT. Good Luck if you try.

  5. Hi Dan,
    Me Again. Listen I’ve read each of your books cover-to-cover at least twice and I would REALLY REALLY REALLY like to hear about Jamie’s future. PLEASE extend the series. PLEASE.

      1. Amazing. I can’t believe I’m actually talking to YOU! Thank you. I can’t wait to read them. I hope I can be a proffesional footballer. I am training with a proffesional team and all my mates tell me I’m decent enough to make it professional.

  6. Hi! my name is harry and i too want to be a footballer and I’ve read all your books and i think JJ is my role model. Like i said i love your books please reply Harry

      1. hi dan i don’t know if you got any of my messages. you visited my school yesterday it is called fulston manor and i was the one that asked how would you feel if your book became a film.Can i please have kick off with your autograph on it please

  7. Oh I do love your books i only have 4 (the kick off,shoot to win,golden goal,match of the mach) annoyed i cant find the other 2 books in the first editions or the world book day special. And i wish i was as good as Jamie at football.

  8. Hi Dan I love your books. I have only read 3 of your books and I thing your amazing,you relay inspired me to try that skill in your book and I hope I find more of your books.

  9. My names zahra and i am 9 years old.Hi Dan i have read your book ‘Kick Off’,its very inspiring, ‘specially for me because i have loved football nearly all my life i am nearly 10 years old now so i want to get to know football a bit better if you know what i mean and i am hoping to go to my local library just next to Asda 10 mins away from my house and find your books because i need to read more my mum says. I also like graphic novels i am focusing on ‘Jane Eyre’ right now .thank you for listening to me i have appreciated it a lot!
    P.S. please write back Dan.
    yours thankfully Zahra

  10. Hi dan!! Loves u books tryin to find world class read the rest.they inspired my so much I kinda like Jamie I’m the best in my school but not as quick and they say I can skill any your books this from luke

      1. Hi Dan,

        I am a 13 year old who plays on the left wing like Jamie in your books. I have been inspired by your books. I love playing but at the moment I am injured with a strained muscle. I can’t really jog or run. I have a school football event in 2 days and an important match this weekend and next weekend. Should I rest or play? I’m asking you because you know ‘Jamie Johnson’ (in your mind) quite well, so what would he do?



  11. I’ve got all the Jamie Johnson books, all the way from ‘Born to play’ – ‘Final whistle’.

    That’s how much I love these books.

    Is Bertorelli from ‘Man of the Match’ and ‘world class’ meant to be Mario Ballotelli because they are both Italian, Black, on big money and The name is quite similar. 🙂

    Please can you bring a new book out because I love them, you left your last book on a cliff hanger, when he’s going in for a header.

    worlds biggest fan

    1. Hi Patrick, thanks for your comments – great to know that you enjoy the books. You know, it’s funny because I wrote the character of Bertorelli before Balotelli came on the scene! So, it was really strange for me because sometimes, watching him play, I think he’s a character straight out of the JJ books! I’m working on a new JJ book now…will announce details very shortly!

  12. Hi Dan,
    Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the presentation at the conference on Friday. I asked you at the end of the session if you’d like to visit us and instill a competitive edge for our boys as well as encourage their love of football.
    If you could email me further to discuss this that’d be great.
    wasn’t sure how else to contact you, so I hope this makes its way through.
    Graham Page

  13. Hi Dan, I’ve enjoyed all the books as far as World Class…I’m on the look for Final Whistle.
    I think you remember my tweet, you retweeted recently, I really hope you make a film because itching to see one about JJ. I thought Bertorelli was Suarez because of the blocking of fist after JJ’s free-kick but Suarez blocked with his hand over the line which resulted as a penalty and then Ghana missed it and were knocked out. It could just be a coincidence. Thanks for making these books , it’s something I really enjoy!

  14. hi Dan for my homework I have to write an article on my favourite author and I was hoping you could tell me some stuff about yourself like what team you support.

    hoping to hear from you


  15. Hey Dan,

    I am really enjoying your book- final whistle. I can’t stop reading it! I borrowed it from the libary as a request. I have also read Man of the match and golden goal. I love your books very much and I wonder if you can come to our school if it is possible. Queen Edith school, Cambridge and the email is,
    Please reply, thanks,
    Dan frost

  16. Hi Dan, I’ve got a boy in my class called Dan , its amazing how you wright amazing books. Me and my friend are your biggest fan and we were wondering if you could read some of your books out to are class. Below is the school address
    QUEEN Edith Primary school
    Godwin Way
    cb1 8qp

  17. Hi Dan I really love your Jamie Johnson books they are the best books I’ve ever read, I have just finished final whistle and I heard a rumour that your writing at 7th so I’m writing to you to ask if that rumour is true and if so when is the book coming out?

  18. Obviously Jamie is big on the football stage and Dillon is in the lower leagues but what about other players in Jamie’s school and the Grove? Shaun McGiven? Ollie Walsh? Certainly not Alex Marcusfield!! Ashish Khan?

    1. Ha! These are all good questions!! I think Alex Marcusfield went on to be either an accountant or lawyer. Rich. Flashy car. Is he happy though?

  19. Hello,

    As part of the our Academy’s upcoming summer sporting fixtures, we have decided to award each win with a book. The selected titles have primarily come from the National Literacy Trust’s ‘Love Football: Love Reading 2014’ reading list (including Final Whistle and Skills from Brazil!).

    The three sporting events are between June-July.

    If there is any way you feel you can support one of these events and overall indicative, we would be absolutely delighted both for our Academy, and the promotion of literacy/reading in general.

  20. Hi
    I’m a primary school teacher and as a class we are looking at your book ‘Skills from Brazil’ after I stumbled across the planning when searching for a good footballing text. We will be purchasing a class sets as after reading I feel it will engage the children. We have also organised a teacher v year 6 match! In the planning, it mentions an advice sheet you have compiled on incorporating humour, but I can’t seem to locate it. Could you point me to it?
    Rick Gascoyne

  21. Hello Dan,
    I love your Jamie Johnson books! Even though im a girl. I was just like you before your books came out no books interested me but when the Jamie Johnson books came out I loved them! My teacher went all the way down to London and got a load of your books! Everyone has found them amazing and everyone wants to read them. What was it like interviewing all the England squad and very famous players? It sounds AMAZING doing that for a living!
    Thank you,


  23. As Jack was a superb goalkeeper, did you consider having her have a successful football career herself? Imagine Jack playing for England Ladies with her superstar boyfriend Jamie watching from the VIP seats 🙂

  24. Please make our day – tell us Bertorelli missed the decisive penalty in the World Cup Final shoot-out, or the Dutch keeper saved it. I know the score was 9-8, but if Bertorelli took their first penalty he’d have had to take their 12th so that could have been the one 🙂

  25. If Jamie’s injury puts an end to his playing days you could carry on the series with him becoming a coach or pundit?

  26. Hi Dan, I just want to say that i have read all of your books and without a flicker of doubt they are the best books i have ever read! Honestly speaking I am really sad that the series has ended or so i have heard.I finished skills from Brazil in 2 hours!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping that the series would be extended?

    1. Thank you Veb, I am so pleased you have enjoyed the series so much … as for extending it, well you never know! However, I am always looking out for new ideas too! Dan

      1. Hi Dan, my idea is: how about Jamie’s life after Rafael as his manager. Maybe his life as captain and break ups in relationship with rafa, arguements? Captain of England? Euros? By the way I still didn’t find out about what happened to Jamie against real madrid? Maybe include that? Please write a new JJ book!!!!!!!!!!!1

  27. Hi Dan, just a quick question: Was Kick Off the first book in the JJ series and Born to Play a prequel after it or was Born to Play the first of many?

    1. The Kick Off is the first in the series and the first book I wrote. Born to Play is a prequel that was actually written as a special story for World Book Day a few years ago. Dan

  28. Hi Dan,

    My name is Mason, you are coming to visit us at Upton Junior School tomorrow. My question I’d like to ask you is, if you were a biscuit, which would you be and why?

    I’m looking forward to meeting you.

    From Mason

    1. Now that is a different question Mason, I don’t think I’ve been asked that before! I had a great day with you all at Upton Junior’s, it was lovely to work with you and meet you all. Dan

  29. Hello Dan,

    I am a mum of Harry who is 8 and for the past six months we have been reading your series of books as our bedtime story, we started at the beginning and we are now half way through the last one “Skills from Brazil” so all 7 books back to back. I feel like I know so much about JJ and his friends and family. You books are amazing and have given me a real helpful insight into the world of football, so much so that when Harry and his Daddy take footie I can actually join in (albeit only slightly!!!!).
    Anyway….is there going to be any more books either in the series or other Football based books written by you?
    Thanks alot

    1. Thank you Sarah … I am so pleased to hear that you and Harry are enjoying the books together and you have been tempted to have a go at playing yourself! In terms of new books, nothing is iminent, but you won’t have seen the last of Jamie Johnson!

  30. Hi dan
    sorry to the people who haven’t read final whistle yet,but . . .
    I love all of your books and I love how you describe what happens in them.
    I have a BIG problem, at the end of final whistle, I need to know ” does Jamie get there first?”
    OR “does the defender get it first?” OR “Does the final whistle blow? and hawkstone die”.
    PLEASE tell me . . .

    best wishes from Morgan aged 9

    P.S Which club do Hawkstone and Foxborough most remind you of?

    P.P.S I support Aston VIlla I wish they could have a phenomenon like Jamie.

    P.P.P.S Why is it Barcelona and Real Madrid not made up like Hawkstone?

    1. Hi Morgan. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed ‘The Final Whistle”. I get lots of questions about the ending of this story. A lot of it is down to you, the reader, to decide what happens….What do you think?
      I think that the clubs each remind me of one of the bigger Premier League clubs, perhaps Man U or Aston Villa, and also a smaller club like Brighton and Hove Albion possibly.
      I agree! Aston Villa would be very lucky to have a phenomenon like Jamie on their team. As for Barcelona and Real Madrid not having made up names, I just didn’t think it was necessary. Where as in the UK, I didn’t want it to appear that I was favouring certain clubs!
      All the best, Dan.

      1. I hope Jamie gets to it but I really don’t know. I know your making lots of other books but one of Jamie’s next books could be he’s a manager and classed as a legendary player also Jamie becomes a personal trainer for Robbie Simmonds and he plays professionally

        All the best

        P.S what name do you like Dan, Daniel, Danny or other

        1. You have some great ideas Morgan. Have you ever thought about writing a book yourself?
          To answer your question- Most people call me Dan.

          1. Well actually I have it’s about this boy that runs away called the run
            do you think I should write a football book.

            P.S. Do you think the Jamie Johnson will ever become a film or a TV series?

          2. Hello Morgan. It’s great to hear that you are so interested in writing! I think a football book would be a brilliant idea.
            I would love my books to be made into a movie or TV series. Lets keep our fingers crossed!

    1. Hello Tom. Managing a website is hard work isn’t it? I am wondering if you have any help to keep it up to date. I discuss with others that I work with about the content of the website and we talk about what works and what doesn’t, and also discuss new ideas. It is also important to keep it up to date and the content should be current and trendy. Good luck!

    1. Thank you for your comments Zainab. I’m so pleased that you like my books and to hear that I inspire you to write yourself is amazing! I would love to read something you have written.

    1. Hello Jeff. I don’t have any children yet but hope to one day. It would be great if they did like football so we could enjoy that together but everyone is different so they may not like it.

  31. Hello there, Dan.

    I have recently read “Skills from Brazil” and I think it’s by far your best novel!

    At my school, I am taking part in a Carnegie Shadowing group. I was wondering if 1) You were ever nominated & 2) How you got the plot for your new book?

    I also wish to become an author. Do you have any tips? I love reading and writing, and my teachers have described me as “talented and gifted”.

    Thanks, and Good Luck!


    1. Hello Ashwin. I’m pleased you likes ‘Skills from Brazil’. It’s always great to hear positive feedback. In answer to your questions- No, I was never nominated. When you ask about plot lines for books, I find that part quite easy. I think about story lines all the time. Putting them down on paper is not as easy unfortunately.
      You sound like you are a pretty good writer already! If you want to be an author, I think you should keep writing and develop your style. Have you written any football stories?

      1. Hey Dan. Thanks for your response, I have read it and have thought of some ideas, contributed by you.

        Cheers for your encouragement on my writing skills! Unlike you, it’s just that I find it difficult to think of a plot for my stories. My mind must always have something to write about, through personal experiences, for it to actually sound good! I have previously gotten bored of what I have written and have thrown it away, so I’m glad you have hinted me… In answer to your questions, I have never actually thought of any football stories, so maybe I should try it, like you. I will update you on how everything goes!

        Thanks once again. You are by far my most favourite author.


  32. Hi Dan,
    I have read your books and am a big fan, also I had heard that a film is to be casting this Saturday for your book ‘The Kick Off’ and was wondering whether there is any truth in this and, if so I would love to know how to get involved,

    1. Hello James. My Colleague Tina will be in touch with you about this so keep an eye on your inbox in case the email gets put in your spam folder.

  33. You sound like you have some pretty good ideas! Leaving it as a cliff hanger means that the readers can think of some of their own ideas on how the story ends.

  34. Hi Dan
    Are you going to write any more Jamie Johnson books, I love them.
    My librarian said you were writing a rugby book for the rugby world cup? Is this true? I would really like a new JJ book, maybe of him winning the champions league with Barcelona. What do you think.
    Thanks, josh

    1. No plans for any new JJ books at the moment Josh. I think your idea of him winning with Barcelona is a great idea! Perhaps you should write your own book!

  35. Hi Dan,
    I have a few head to head questions to ask you… please reply!

    1. Loretta Martin or Jack Marshall
    2. Dillon Simmonds or Mattheus Bertorelli
    3. Archie Fairclough or Mike Johnson
    4. Duncan Farrell or Glenn Richardson
    5. Rafael da Cruz or Jamie Johnson
    6. All V All (Your favourite ever character)
    7. All V All books (Your favourite book)

    Sorry if it is too long, but please reply!

    1. Hello Toby.
      These questions made me think!
      First off I would have to say Jack.
      I think Dillon Simmonds for the second one. He has a good heart underneath.
      I really can’t choose between Archie and Mike. They are both great. If I was pushed I would have to say Mike as he’s so fundamental to Jamie as a footballer and a person.
      If it was between Duncan and Glenn I would have to say Farrell because he’s a nutter and I like nutters!
      No question of the next one. It has to be Jamie as he’s the main man!
      Jamie is obviously my favourite. He keeps me interested. I do have a bit of a soft spot for Hugo Bogson from Born to Play as well.
      As for my favourite book I really can’t pick one.
      Hope this answers your questions Toby.

  36. Hi Dan,
    Firstly thank you so much for giving your books such an amazing name!!
    Secondly, I’m just reading world class and I don’t know if the answer might be later on in the story, but I’ve got to the bit where you are describing Jamie’s ring and how it had been passed down generations. You said Mike didn’t have a son, so why didn’t he give it to Jamie’s mum?

    I’ll write again when I get later on, but now I think he’ll chose England but I really want him to chose Scotland!

    1. Thanks for your comments Jamie. I’m pleased you like the name of my books. Perhaps you are a little biased!
      I think Mike passed the ring to Jamie because it was a mans ring and as he didn’t have a son it passed down to Jamie.

  37. Hi Dan, I love your books and my favourite character is Jack because we are so similar.
    I am a girl and adore football, (However I don’t have a boyfriend, honest!) it is the only sport that I like and am good at, however, at my school we don’t play football and none of the other girls like it. The boys are all interested in rugby and baseball. The only football I get is in my garden with an inflatable beach ball and No goal. My parents know I like it but just say I should be like the others and play hockey and netball (both of which I’m rubbish at) but all want to do is play football. No other sport. What should I do? What would Jack do?

    1. Hi Jill,
      Rather than me saying that I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling to find a team to play with, instead I’m going to say how inspired I am to hear about a girl so determined to play and enjoy the game. And you are not alone! Football is the most popular sport for girls in the U.K. so you’ll certainly be able to carry on and play with like-minded people. Have you done a search for girls teams in your area?

      I would also suggest contacting the FA and going their website to see if they have any advice or contacts for you.
      Ask around at school and see if you can find some other girls interested in starting up a team with you (that’s certainly what my character Jack would do).

      And, if you can’t find any like minded girls, go ahead and see if you can test yourself against the boys. Most boys will respect a girl player who has the tenacity and talent to play against and alongside them.
      Eniola Aluko is a striker who plays for Chelsea and England started off playing with her brother Sone, who now plays for Hull. I think she is a great example of what can be achieved in the growing world of women’s football.

      Good luck Jill and keep us updated.
      Go for your goals!

  38. Dan I really really like your books.I’ve got a couple of questions though first of all has the Jamie Johnson part been casted yet.Also are you going to make another book cos that would be amazing.

    1. Hello Euan,
      I’m pleased you like my books Euan. Yes, the Jamie Johnson part was cast in the summer. Keep checking the website for updates on filming. I don’t have any plans for a new JJ book at the moment but you never know!

  39. Dan are you only visiting schools in England or are you going to different places in Britain?
    P.S I’m reading Skills From Brazil for the 100000th time.

    1. Hi Euan,
      I don’t just visit schools in England. I have been to Scotland many times. I really enjoy all of my visits there. I’m really pleased you like “Schools from Brazil” so much!

  40. Hey Dan,
    You came to Cambridge house grammar last week and I would just like to say I really enjoyed the visit I have read some of your book and they are amazing thanks for visiting!
    Yours sincerely Skye!

  41. Hi Dan!
    My names William I’m 9.
    I love the JJ series. They’re the best books I’ve read so far, I wish there were even more in the series. Oh and I’ve got a question, “What was it like when you were working with the English football club?” I’m a left winger and I’ve got good pace, like Jamie I’m a left foot too!
    Keep writing…

    signed by William

    1. Hello William,
      Working for The Football Association was a dream come true for me. I have always loved football and to work there was an amazing experience. I couldn’t believe my luck!

  42. Hi Dan,
    I absolutely love the JJ books.
    I really would love there to be another one.
    Maybe it could be him staring in the World Cup or Euros for Scotland or maybe winning La Liga/Copa Del Rey/Champions League with Barcelona.
    Maybe Bertorelli could join Real Madrid and they have another bust up. Or, maybe Robbie Simmonds becomes a pro and join Barcelona?

    Will there ever be another book?

    1. Hello Joe,
      I’m afraid to say that there are no plans of more JJ books at this point but I am working on things all the time. You have some really good ideas yourself! Have you ever thought of writing your own book?

  43. Hello Dan
    I am Josh and I go to Falcons Primary in Richmond. I am very excited that you are coming to my school soon. I have already written to you but cannot find it in the fan mail. I am writing about you and need some more information.

    1. what is the name of your university’s?
    2. Where were you born?
    3. Which year were you born in?
    4 Were you always very good at football or did you struggle?
    5. Was there any bullying in your school?

    I am writing a story about a boy who could not plat football very well and was finding this difficult. Can you give me any tips about my story?

    I am in 4J, I am 8 years old. Please reply soon because I am writing a fact file on you for my homework.

    1. Hello Josh,
      I’m really looking forward to visiting your school! I will answer your questions for you. If you have any more please write again and I will be happy to answer them for you.
      1. I went to Bristol University where I studied English Literature.
      2. I was born in London
      3. I was born in 1977. (Yes, that long ago!)
      4. Great question. I always loved football and I think I have a good football brain. Unfortunately my body wasn’t as quick as I wanted it to be. I knew what needed to be done in my head but my body just wouldn’t cooperate!
      5. I think that there is bullying in most schools. I think that it’s how some people act if they are scared.

      I hope this helps Josh.
      I will see you at Falcons Primary!

  44. Hi Dan,
    I have a question!
    Is It true that Shoot to Win was actually going to be called Shooting Star? If so, why did you change it?
    Please extend the series and make more books- they are my favourite series ever. I have some ideas- How about Jamie winning liga bbva and/or the copa del rey and/or the champions league with Barcelona? or the final after final whistle? Or maybe him leading Scotland to victory in the Euros?
    Whatever it is, please write one and I will read it!!


    1. Yes Richard the working title was Shooting Star but it changed to Shoot to Win when it was published. Thanks for your ideas! It sounds like you have been thinking quite a lot about what could have happened to JJ next!

  45. Hi Dan I’m from Ireland I’m 11 and I have read all the Jamie Johnsons about 30000 times.There my favorite books in the world and my favorite book is final whistle.My questions are 1.How to write so many good books. 2.Who inspired you to write the books and 3.Will you please write more Jamie Johnsons books maybe 1. Jack dies and he has to get his life back to normal. What club does Hawkstone remind you off.please will you reply keep writing and remember my idea and one day will you please come to my school it would be soooo world class if you came. From Darragh (daz) Maher

    1. Hello Daz,
      I’m pleased you like my books. I think what inspired me to write them was the fact that there wasn’t much around for me to read when I was your age. I loved football but I didn’t like reading that much but perhaps if there had been something that I was interested to read about, I would have enjoyed it. As far as writing more JJ books goes- you never know!
      Hawkstone is really a mixture of clubs, with the best and the worst from all of them. I wanted to use a club with a fictional because that way you can make up anything about them!
      I would love to visit your school Daz and I visit Ireland all the time. You will have to ask your teachers.

  46. Hi dan, my name is isaac i live in county durham and i am 10 years old. Ithink your books are amazing. I love every one of your books. If someone asked me to pick a favourite i wouldn’t be able to pick one at all. I have read all your books LOADS of times. Plz make some more books. If you do i would probably get it as quick as i can.
    from isaac

    1. Hello Isaac,
      I’m really pleased you like my books. It makes all the time I put into writing them worthwhile.

  47. Hi Dan,

    I’ve watched the cbbc series and wondered which book that the story is based on, if any? I think it’s amazing never the less. Is there a second series coming out?

    Also, I’d love for there to be another book. How about with him at Barcelona or Scotland?


    1. Hi Ryan,
      The series is based on the books but it is a story by itself. I’m pleased that you enjoyed it. Can you tell me your favourite parts in the series?
      You will have to wait a while for series 2 but if all goes well it shouldn’t be too long.
      I like the ideas that you have for a new JJ books. I take everyones suggestions seriously and it’s great to hear what the readers would like to happen.

  48. Hi Dan, I can’t believe you got back! My favourite bit was Jamie’s first day at school. And by the way, is it now called kingsfield because of copyright?

    Also, why does the Hawkstone badge look so similar to notts county?

    Please right another book!

    1. Thanks for writing in Ryan. To answer your questions- The name of the school is different mainly just because of the writers preference. There are a few things the writer of the TV series have changed slightly.

      Great spotting the badges! Notts County were really helpful while we were filming so it’s great that the badges are similar.

    1. I am getting lots of requests for new books James. Knowing that you would want to read one gives me a lot of encouragement!

  49. Hi Dan,
    I’ve just tackled and conquered my exams and an kind of in the same situation ad Jamie in final whistle – I need to smile! So I’m writing to you to ask for more pranks that Stonefish and JJ did in Spain! I love reading about them and found the 2 in the book funny. What else did they do? What was the rollercoaster one?

    I’d also LOVE it if you wrote another book. I’ve got an idea for a title- how about Extra Time?

    1. Ha!

      Well, on the roller-coaster, they sat in different rows. One of them (in the front row) was sick and it flew up into the air and into the open mouth of the other one! Disgusting but you asked for it! Good luck with the exam results – I’ll work on a new book for you! Dan

  50. Dear Dan,

    Please can you write a new book? I loved reading the JJ series. Reading the other comments, I agree that it would be a great idea if Jamie had another campaign with Barcelona or won the euros with Scotland. What do you think and please do write a new
    One cos that would be ace and make my year!

  51. dear Dan freedman.

    Is there going to be a DVD of the to series because i really want to watch it again and can t find it on I player. I would buy it.

    Also are you going to write another book please do I love your series, how about with Jamie being the best player in the world for Barcelona.

    1. Hi Hugh.
      I will let you know any information I have on DVD release. It’s been great as so many fans are asking me to write another book and I’m getting so many great ideas! Thanks!

  52. Hi Dan,

    I was wondering if you could write another book?
    I loved the series and can’t wait for the next one, but don’t think I can survive until then without JJ!
    I was also wondering if the series will be released on DVD?
    It might be a good idea to create a mini boxset of the first series DVD and the Born To Play and the Kick Off Books.
    Finally, will the new series have the same vast as they are very good, I especially like Jamie and Jack.

    1. Hi Ed.
      I’m really pleased that you like the books and the series. I will let you know about DVD release! You can still watch it on iPlayer here I have had so many people ask for another book. The cast was fantastic weren’t they? You will be happy to know that you will recognise a lot of the same characters next series.

  53. Dear Dan freedman,

    Please please pleeeeeaaase can you write a new book. I absolutely love the series and have read all of them but please want another one.

    1. I’m getting so many comments asking me to write another book! It’s fantastic to know that fans want to read more!

  54. Hi Dan

    Please may you write another Jamie Johnson book. I would like to happens when he goes back to Barcelona after the loan spell at Hawkstone. Please may you write one. I was looking back at the comments and someone put extra time for a title that would be great I like it

    Joe M

    1. I love to hear the comments about what the readers would like for another book. It gives me some great ideas!

  55. Hi Dan,

    I’m putting the finishing touches to my very own Jamie Johnson book, named Feet Of God. I sent an extract to you about 2 years ago.
    However, I don’t really know a good way to end it.
    I have three theories, please can you tell me your favourite one.

    1. Barcelona won the treble.
    2. Barcelona win the Copa Del Ray, but miss out on La Liga on a last day, goal difference battle with Real Madrid, but this makes the resulting champions league victory even sweeter
    3. Barcelona lose the Copa del rey and the champions league final, both to Real Madrid, but then finally overcome them in a last day la Liga race.

    This is just my own idea, and I have enjoyed writing a book.


    1. I would love to read some of your book Ed! They are all great endings. Which one would have the most suspense in it do you think?

  56. Dear Dan,

    I absolutely love your books and I was wondering if you could make another one, as a sequel to final whistle when Jamie goes back to Spain. I would love that.
    Also I have a question, how do you come up with the names of your books!


    1. Great question Thomas. I think some of the names just sound right together. Jamie Johnson has a ring to it don’t you think? There is a lot of thought that goes into naming a character. The name has to fit the person that I am writing about. When I get the right name for a character then it just ‘fits’ with that person.

  57. Hi dan,
    I was wondering if series 2 will have the same cast as series one
    Also please can you write another Jamie Johnson book

  58. Hi Dan
    Is series 2 of Jamie Johnson going to be based around ‘shoot to win?’
    Also please write a new book

    1. Hi Paddy,

      The new series will be 10 eps, with lots of content from STW and lots of new content too!
      Working on book ideas this summer.


  59. I have got an idea for the last part of Final Whistle. What if Jamie avoids the ball to save his head but the defender has already swung his boot and he scores an own goal.

  60. Hi Dan,
    I’ve finished writing my book, and was wondering how I can post you a few chapters (about 5). It’s been so fun to write, and the blurb is:

    After a short loan spell at Hawkstone United, Jamie Johnson is back, and better than ever at the great Spanish club, Barcelona, and is now one of the most talked about players in the world. But with the problem of not being able to regularly see his girlfriend, Jack Marshall, and also with trouble coming from his family back in England, how can Jamie balance his football, media, press, personal life and family?


  61. Dear Dan
    Please can you write another Jamie Johnson book? Your books are my favourite styles ever and I really want another one even if it is the last one

  62. Hi, Dan!
    I have a 12 year old son and we are brazilians. He read 6 of your Jamie Johnson’s books in portugueses and, as he didn’t want to wait, decided to read “Skills from Brazil” even in English. I was very pleasant he understood all the story and asked me to buy him another of your books. The only one he never read was “Born to Play” and I’m buying it right now. Could you recomend another book that he would understand in English? He loves sports, especially soccer and basketball. Thank you!

    1. Hello Claudia,
      Thank you so much for your email. It would be great if you could email my colleague on as I would love to feature your son on the website. I’s amazing to get fan email from the other side of the world.

    1. Hi Brad. It’s great to hear that you loved the books and the series. I am working on a few ideas for a new book you will be pleased to hear.

  63. Hi dan freedman

    I’m writing to say I love your tv series, I think Louis Dunn is a really good actor.
    I’m just about to start reading your books, which one should I start with? Skills from Brazil or born to play?

  64. Hi dan,
    My teacher said I could write to you here.
    So I wanted to say can you write another book in your Jamie Johnson series? I want to know what happens after final whistle!

    1. Hi Greg. I have had so many fans asking me for a new book! You will be pleased to know I am working on a few ideas at the moment.

  65. Hi I have two questions
    are cbbc going to do a series based on skills from Brazil

    Is there going to be a DVD of the series cbbc

    1. A series based on Skills from Brazil would be a great story. We will have to wait and see. There hasn’t been a DVD release yet but I will keep you posted.

    1. Yes the new series will be 30 minutes long. It’s great news that there will be more episodes in the new series.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. I never get tired of hearing from everyone that loves the books! London is a great place to live isn’t it?

  66. Hi dan,
    Please may you write a new Jamie Johnson book? I love reading the series over and over and I love the subject of it too. Can you write another book about him in Barcelona, as this is my favourite thing you did. The World Cup was also amazing though

  67. Dear dan, I was wondering if you could write a spin off series about Jack, or even another series about football. They are all brilliant books I live reading them. If not can you write another Jamie Johnson book after final whistle

      1. Maybe with Jack playing football for a women’s team with her boyfriend watching from the seats!

        I’ve got an idea for a name of a new Jamie Johnson book- how about ‘The Defying Penalty’

  68. Hi Dan,
    Please can you write a new book in the ‘Jamie Johnson’ series? I really like reading the books and you are my favourite author
    From Calum.

  69. Dear Dan freedman,
    My idea is that you should release a video game on Jamie Johnson, like FIFA! I’d love to guide Hawkstone to victory! Like the one Jamie and Rafa did in ‘skills from Brazil!’

  70. Dear Dan,
    I’ve just finished reading Skklls from Brazil, but it has led me wondering.
    In one of the sentences, Jamie says ‘Ronaldo? Which one?’ meaning Christiano Ronaldo exists or existed in the JJ world. I’ve thought about this and come to two conclusions
    1. He is a legend from the past, who played at the same time as mike
    2. He is currently playing, but in a team named ‘legends fc’ or something made up of the best current players today.

    Can you tell me if any of these are right or how he actually is in the world!

    Thanks, your books are the best

    Derren smith

  71. Hi dan,

    I can’t wait for the second series of ‘Jamie Johnson’ on cbbc.

    But I’ve got a question- are all of the cast going to be the same? Because I thought that Jamie and Jack were the best actors in series 1.

    Thanks, I also love your books,


    1. Good choice Ryan. Why is that one your favourite? I’m really interested to know what make a book stand out for people.

  72. Hi Dan my name is Kieran which you probably already know. well anyway I Love football and I used to play for a football team and I played striker. You came to our school on Thursday Borden Grammar school. PS: How much did they pay you to come in.

    1. Hi Kieran!
      I had a wonderful time at your school! Everyone was so friendly and hopefully I will be able to come back in the future.

  73. Hi Dan, my name is Archie and I LOVE football, you came into my school (Borden Grammar School) and I thought what you do is really cool because you get to meet people who have literally changed footballing history. I play for a football team and I play CB and RW, you might think they are very different positions but I am very pacey so I can play every where really. I asked you the question, when you were at my school, which player are you most proud of meeting, you replied, it wasn’t a player but the person was Sir Alex Ferguson. anyway here are a few questions I would like to ask.

    who do you prefer, Messi or Ronaldo?
    what do you prefer, PES or Fifa?
    I support QPR, what do you think of them?
    and finally, will you carry on writing Jamie Johson books?

    1. I would say I prefer Messi.
      I don’t play video games. Prefer to play football!
      QPR – Great club. Lots of good characters coming back so hopefully things will pick up on the pitch
      Will I carry on writing JJ books? I Hope so yes!

  74. hi dan i looooooove the jamie johnson books they are amazing please write more books and i wrote you a letter in march or april and i still have’nt got an response please respond. pleasse!!!!!

    1. Hello there.
      Sorry it’s taken me so long to write back. After the TV series was released I have been madly busy! Can you send an email to Tina, who helps me with things at and she will send a poster out to you.

  75. hi dan i wanted you to response because i have written a story and would love your feedback and also i love your books and please write more books!!!

  76. Hi Dan,

    Your Jamie Johnson books are my favourite series ever!

    I have four questions:

    1. When will ‘Unstoppable’ come out?
    2. Will you ever write another Jamie Johnson book (please say yes!!)
    3. How do you come up with the names of the players in your books? (E.g Duncan Farrell, Leon Tibbs, etc)
    4. Are some Premier League teams from your hooks based on Real ones? Such as Liverton and Brockburn.

    Thanks Dan, your books are wicked!

    Joel Williams

    1. Hi Joel,

      Great to hear from you and thanks for your questions that i have answered below.

      1. When will ‘Unstoppable’ come out?
      Hopefully in 2017. I’m just starting to talk to publishers about it.

      2. Will you ever write another Jamie Johnson book (please say yes!!)
      I hope so! No firm plans at present, but I have ideas and would like to

      3. How do you come up with the names of the players in your books? (E.g Duncan Farrell, Leon Tibbs, etc)
      They are names that seem to come up in my mind. I want the names of the characters to represent or point towards their personalities. Names, for an author, are a good opportunity, not to be missed..

      4. Are some Premier League teams from your hooks based on Real ones? Such as Liverton and Brockburn.
      A little bit, but not entirely. More I’m just trying to make the names sound realistic as opposed to represent specific clubs.

      Hope this answers everything for you.


  77. Hello Dan,

    I can’t help but notice how similar Leicesters story this season is so similar to Hawkstones! They are both in relegation battles but still surviving in the Champions League!

    I also have two question: Pleeeaaasee can you write another JJ book? Even it is the last one?

    Did Jamie go back to Hawkstone on loan? Because at the end of final whistle I always imagined him going back to Barcelona afterwards?

    Thanks Dan,
    You’re may favourite author ever!


    1. Hello Robert. I am always getting request to write a new book! Your idea of Jamie going back to Hawkstone is interesting. The truth is that I don’t know what Jamie did after Final Whistle. I like to leave it up to the readers imagination.

  78. Hi Dan,

    I’m a massive fan of your books in the states and was wondering when school of skills was coming out.



    1. Hi Josh,
      School of Skill is the name given to the book Skills from Brazil in America. Sometimes the titles are changed for publishers in different countries.

  79. Hello, I really like the Jamie Johnson book, but the school name is different on the T.V show, it is called Kingsmount but in the book it it is called KingField. Why is that please?

    1. Hi Nathan. Some things are changed slightly to go to the small screen. I think they thought Kingsmount sounded more interesting!

  80. hi dan
    i looooooove ur books they r awesome and the tv series is awesome as well i watch every week your an amazing author and pls say u r writing more jj books i’m a massive fan, also i sent u a letter more than 2 years ago and u have not replied yet, should i be expecting a letter back. u gave me inspiration 2 write my own book so i wrote a long book which toook me a few months to write, please repl.
    your books are awesome!

    1. Hi there! It’s great to here that you have been inspired to write your own book! I would love to read it. I’m sorry to say I’m not sure what happened to your letter.

  81. Dan,
    i am completely obsessed with your books
    i have read the series over and over and i want more
    can you please write a sequel to final whistle
    just one book!!!!!!!!!

    PS can you do a series about robbie becoming a footballer

  82. Hey Dan. I am a 18 year old from New Zealand. The Jamie Johnson series has been my favourite since I was about eleven. I wear number 11 and play on the wing, I love to use pace and tricks to beat opponents and score goals. I see a lot of myself in Jamie and I have always wanted to be a pro footballer like him. I was just closing in on that dream but I’ve just ruptured my ACL keeping me from football for a year which has ripped my life apart. At the hospital after coming out of surgery I read Man of the Match and World Class over the next two days. They inspire me so much, how Jamie over came his knee injury and never gave up. Your books have inspired me to stay motivated and not give up on my dream, I want to reach the top just like Jamie and I know that I will come back stronger than ever. Thank you again for this amazing series, would love another book in following Jamie’s life, wouldn’t mind if you kept writing them for as long as possible. Look forward to the next instalment, I love this game and know I will be back better than ever.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. They inspire me.
      You are going to be a huge success on and off the pitch.
      Keep me updated with your progress, Dan

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