I enjoy writing about football, books and my relationship with both.

Here are some articles you might find interesting:

How football can inspire children to read more

An article on the Book Trust website

Male Role Models For Boys  

How a love of football can kick-start a love of reading
An article for the Times Educational Supplement

The power of the right book
A blog for the National Literacy Trust recalling an inspirational conversation with Rio Ferdinand

Why Dads Should Read With Their Kids 

An article inspired by an event for ‘Dads Only’ that I attended at a school one evening

More Than A Game
A piece on how the JJ books are about more than just football

Football Journey
A short story I wrote about the man who showed me how to tell a story


Final Whistle
An interview with my local paper to mark the publishing of Final Whistle

The Kick Off
An interview with my publisher, Scholastic, back when we brought out The Kick Off

Library Mice
Some good questions here from librarian, Melanie Mcgilloway

Phonenix 98fm Radio Interview

Dan talks to JJ fans about his work, inspiration and Skills from Brazil.

The English Association

A group interview with Dan about his books and how he writes.