Final Whistle Prize Signed CopiesAre you one of the thousands who read, ‘The crowd held their breath’ and turned the page to find out what happened in Final Whistle?

If so, five years after the book was first published, eager readers can finally discover what happens as Dan releases an updated edition of Final Whistle. It’s the story so many of us know but with an added postscript which reveals all.

“The number of messages I’ve had from readers and their absolute passion and determination to find out what happened next made me reconsider.” Dan said.

“I tend to see my readers as my bosses so, if they need to know, I need to tell them.”

Final Whistle tells the story of Jamie Johnson, new to the international stage of football, but making waves with some stupendous performances in the recent World Cup. However, when an eye-watering offer comes in that could change Jamie’s life and those around him, what should he do?

Dan’s books are aimed at boys and girls. “It’s very important to me that my readers include girls as well as boys. There’s still work to be done in getting girls comfortable and confident as athletes within the school environment. But great progress is being made and the stigma that may have been there is being met head on.”

You can get your copy of the new edition of Final Whistle now, or, if you can’t wait…

For those JJ fans that have read the original edition of Final Whistle, here is that extra bit of content… for your eyes only…

Final Whistle Postscript



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