Josh is June’s JJ Fan of The Month!

Every month, we name a huge Jamie Johnson fan as a Fan of The Month! This fan could be anyone, from anywhere around the globe. He, she or they could come to our attention in several diverse ways, for example, at a school Dan attends, a piece of writing he or she sends to Dan, or a fan-mail or letter that they have sent. We like to have an interview with the winner as well.

Congratulations to Josh – he is the June JJ Fan of The Month! He came to our attention after sending in a nice email to Dan as well as a video tutorial, showing us how to do “The Snake”! You can watch it below so make sure you turn the volume up to hear how to do it!

Name:- Josh O’BrienJosh

How old are you?:- I am turning 12 on the 29th of June

When did you start playing football?:- I started in Year 1 when l was about 5. Next, l played for Ravens Under 9’s, and for Brookfield when l was in Year 5. Currently, l play for Springfield.

Who is your football idol?:- It’s got to be Cristiano Ronaldo!

How did you hear about the JJ books?:- Well, last year l watched the first programme of Jamie Johnson. It said, “Based on the books by Dan Freedman.” l really enjoyed that episode, so l went straight onto Amazon and, – with my pocket money, of course – bought all the books!

Why do you like the books?:- They are just very thrilling and make you want to read on. I have already read the entire series about 3 times! They also were a “clue” to Series 3 of the CBBC programme.

Which player reminds you most of JJ?:- Jack, because she is just as determined in everything she does. If she wants to play out in midfield, she’ll do it – if she wants to create a new football team, she’ll do it!

If you could bring one character from the JJ books to life, who would it be and why?:- Although JJ is very tempting he might lose his temper, so l think would bring Mike Johnson to life, because he once played for Hawkstone so l would want to learn all the tricks.

What is the best goal you have ever seen?:- Oliver Giroud’s Scorpion Kick in 2016 for Arsenal against Crystal Palace!

If you had the choice to play for either Scotland or England at a World Cup, who would you pick and why?:- England, because they have a lot of world class players of whom l would love to play with.

If JJ offered to teach you one skill, which one would it be?:- The Flip-Flap, or, as it is known in “Golden Goal”, the Snake!

If you could play for any football team, in the real or JJ World, who would it be?:- Hawkstone, because the of atmosphere and how they relate to my team, Sunderland – you don’t know what’s going to happen next; Are they going to win the league? Or are they going to get relegated 2 times in a row?!


Are you a big JJ fan or do you know one? They could be the next JJ Fan of the Month like Josh! Email Dan at!

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  1. Josh October 1, 2018 at 6:53 pm #

    Thanks again dan and Ed great article

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