Jamie Johnson, World Book Day Competition …

 World Book Day 2015

Thursday 5th March

Win a 30 minute Video Conference, Virtual Author Visit, for your school and £20 worth of book vouchers for you,  by celebrating World Book Day in true Jamie Johnson style!

You might like to dress up as Jamie, Jack or any other character in the books.  Remember if you’re thinking of the Hawkstone kit it would be black and white, but you could create it however you like!

OR … you might like to think outside the box and dress up as one of the books!

How would you represent The Kick Off or Skills from Brazil maybe?

Think creatively!!

Send a picture of yourself and a brief description of your costume and why you have created it, eg why you think it represents Jamie or Golden Goal well, to danfreedman@danfreedman.co.uk by Wednesday 11th March and winners will be announced the following week.

Good luck!



Best Question of the month


Those of you who have had a school visit from Dan will know that he loves to answer your questions and will often give a prize for the best question asked that day.
So we thought this would make a great monthly competition … the best question asked during each school visit will be entered and the winner each month will win three signed books of their choice!
If you’re expecting Dan to visit your school – start planning your questions – it’s a great prize to win!  Good luck everyone.


It was a hard choice as I was asked some great questions, but the winner for September is …


Georgia from All Saint’s Junior School …

You said you hated reading and only got into it when you were 18.  So what was it that changed your mind?”

Well done Georgia!  We loved your question and your prize will be with you soon.


The winning question for  October  …


Faith from Abraham Darby Academy …

There is no ‘I’ in team and we know football has teams but do authors work as part of a team?”


Well done Faith!  Your signed books will be with you very soon.


Questions for November and December …


Trey from Watford School for Boys  …

What is the process for writing a book and how may re-drafts are necessary when publishing a book?”


Jordan from Lord Grey School  …

“How did you come up with the character of Jamie Johnson?”


Esther from Blessed Dominic Catholic Primary School  …

“What did your family encourage you to do before you knew you wanted to write?”


Gregor from Peebles High School …

“Do you see Jamie Johnson as the type of person you would have liked to have been when you were a kid?”


Two winning questions from St Mary Magdalene Academy …

“Did you have a difficult upbringing?”

“What advice do you have for people and how to follow their dreams?”


Another two winning questions this time from Oakgrove School …

“If you didn’t write about football which other topic would you like to write about?”  Year 7

“How did you feel when you were writing the series; were you worried, proud?”  Diogo, Year 8


 The final winning question for  2014  …

Gregor from Peebles High School …

“Do you see Jamie Johnson as the type of person you would have liked to have been when you were a kid?”

A great question Gregor … your books will be with you as soon as you let me know which three you would like!  Dan



10 Responses

  1. You said that you were not professional enough to become a football player so why didn’t you carry on trying just to become a better football player and improve like Jamie Johnson did.

    1. Another good question. Basically, I knew deep down it wasn’t going to happen. There’s a fine line in life between not giving up and flogging a dead horse!

    1. When I am planning my writing I often like to be by the sea, looking at the waves makes me calm and opens my mind. Walking helps too.
      When it comes to writing though, it truly doesn’t matter where you are … it’s all about where your mind is!

    1. Hi Jabrul, well it’s really an ending that you can decide for yourself … maybe you would like to write your own version and send it in to me. We may then be able to publish it on the website for you …

  2. Hi dan.

    Thanks for replying before. I was just wondering if you could do another short story competition like the one you did for the final whistle cliff hanger.


    1. We are actually thinking about new competitions at the moment … so you never know! Please let us know if you have any other ideas too …

  3. Hi we have recently decorated our school library and are now doing Author of the term/month. We have decided on you for our Oct Term, to try and promote your books to the children in school and encourage more boys to read. Which of your books would you recommend and which one is your favourite?
    Thank you

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