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  1. I just finished skills from Brazil I loved it but it’s left me a bit confused did Jaime go back to hawkstone permanently and what happend in the champions league game against real Madrid also will skills from Brazil be the last Jaime Johnstone book?

    1. Hi Jamal, glad you liked it!
      To answer your questions:
      – Yes JJ did go back to Hawkstone permanently
      – We still don’t know what happened against Real Madrid…
      – I’m not sure at the moment. Would you like another JJ book?…

      1. Yes please Dan… love the JJ books… more about the Madrid game and about Hawstone wining the Champions League….

      2. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
        i want to read about what happened to jj after the match with real madrid


      4. Dan freedman I want to write a book like the Jamie Johnson series but I have no ideas. The only idea I have is the final of the champions legue final and Manchester untied vs real Madrid with a twist . and its turns out its a draw and only golden goal will the devils win or real take it home….
        read and find out.

        1. Hello David,
          It sounds to me like you already have some pretty good ideas! Have you thought about your characters and what you can do to make them interesting or are you planning to use the JJ characters? Think about what problems they could face along the way. Keep me updated.

      5. Dan, you are my favourite author. I love JJ. I REALLY!!!!! want a new book. When I found out there were no more books I almost cried!

        1. So pleased that you like the books Jacob.
          Who knows JJ may make a come back one day. Keep you eyes peeled for my new book, Unstoppable, due out later in the year.


          1. Thanks for taking the time to send me a reply. I cant wait to read Unstoppable. Can you give me a clue what it’s about? If you are ever in Wales it would be really exciting if you could come to my school and see the new library.

  2. I just read world class and I’m wondering does jamie go to Brazil to retire like most player’s do in the MLS

  3. Dan will you ever come to Ireland and if possible visit some schools in some main county’s like Dublin, Mayo, Cork, Kerry and Derry because I’d love to meet you, the only books I really enjoy are yours, JK Rowlings and Jeff Kinneys

    1. Well you never know … I have visited Ireland before. Glad to hear you enjoy reading and rate me alongside two such great authors!

  4. Hi

    Dan, i would love it if you would just introduce another Jamie Johnson series please, in order to make it better and interesting

    Thank You

  5. your books are brillent !! i am reading kick off it is magnifficent i can not wait till i read shoot to win and the rest of the jamie jonson seris.i am also read some of born to play.it is good to.

    1. I really hope there will be. We hope to find out soon…player wise, for me JJ is like Gareth Bale (although Jamie has a few more temper issues than Gareth!)

  6. Hi Dan me and my friends love your books and would love you to make one were Jamie goes to real Madrid and gets to play with players like Ronaldo and Benzema and gets a contract from the manager but his mum is ill will he chose football or mum and can you come to our school it is Walthamstow academy in Walthamstow thank you

    1. A great story idea Aman! It would be good to visit you in Walthamstow … probably best to ask your teachers, and get them to email me for details.

  7. Dan I read the first 10 pages of skills from Brazil it is different wat happened to JJ in the match against real Madrid love the series of the books best book eveever

    1. Glad you’re enjoying it! Skills from Brazil is a prequel to the series … please let me know what you think when you’ve finished it!

  8. Dan, the Jamie Johnson series are the best books EVER!!! Plzzzzz write another one, maybe about Hawkstone going on tour 🙂

      1. My son would love to dress up as Jamie Johnson for world book day. What colours does he wear?
        Thank you

  9. Hi, Dan
    I would love for there to be another book in the Jamie Johnson series, they are the BEST book series in the WORLD! I am writing my own version of your books called Chris Trevan, More Than A Dream! My school has just brought the Jamie Johnson series in our libary so I am inspiring all my freinds to read them!

    1. Hi,
      It’s great to hear that you have been inspired to write your own book! Can you tell me the story line of your book. I would love to read it when you are finished.
      Keep writing!

    1. There will hopefully be more episodes in the future Joshua. What do you think of it so far?

    1. Hi Dan,
      You will have to wait a while for new episodes I’m afraid! What did you think of the first three episodes?

    1. I would like to Joshua as there are a lot of people out there that are asking for another!

  10. Hi Dan, I’ve read all of the Jamie Johnson books and watched all of the t.v series so far and I think they are both fantastic! I am also a very keen footballer so the books are a real inspiration to me, so thank you! ⚽ I was wondering if you were going to write anymore books and what about? You could do it about jack and Jamie’s children (if they have any) And also, is there going to be more tv episodes? And for how much of Jamie’s life? A movie would be great too! Thank you very much!

    1. I like the sound of a movie! That would be great. I’m really pleased that you enjoyed the books and the TV series. They are filming another series over the summer so you shouldn’t have to wait too long!

  11. Hey Dan. What teams are Hawkstone and Foxborough. I am guessing the two Manchester teams because like Hawkstone, Man City did quite average (and were relegated twice) until when they won the league in 2012 with the arrival of Aguero and became regular title contenders. And you’ve mentioned once that Sir Brian Robertson is based on Sir Alex Ferguson. At the end of Skills from Brazil Jamie is at Hawkstone at the age of 36. What teams do Jamie go to in between his two spells at Hawkstone. Finally I think that Xabi Negredo graduates from Barcelona’s youth academy into the first team and on Jamie’s advice they buy Bolt and the 3 amigos are reunited.

    1. The 3 amigos could be like MSN. JJ at LW, Bolt at ST and Xabi Negredo at RW. Also why didnt you use real team names until World Class and real player names until Skills from Brazil. Finally, in the JJ tv Series a lot of stuff were wrong (just thought I should mention that).

      1. I didn’t use real names because I wanted the players to be characters in their own right. What did you find wrong in the TV series Saaleh?

        1. Kingfield was called Kingsmount. Hugo AKA Boggy is meant to be at the Grove. Jamie didnt have ginger hair in the series. Jamie and Jack became friends way before he joined Kingfield/Kingsmount. Jamie’s dad left before he joined the Grove, not after. Mr Marsden was Jamie’s first coach not Mr Hansard. Ollie was meant to be in Kingfield/Kingsmount. Jamie didnt live in Mike’s house. Finally, Jamie didnt go looking for his Dad until Shoot to Win.

          1. Well done for spotting the differences! Yes you are right there were changes made. I was to make the series run smoothly.

    2. Hello Saaleh. I will leave it up to you to decide who the teams and the players remind you of! You can leave it up to your own imagination about what Jamie does between working at Hawkstone. It’s a great idea of yours bringing the ‘three amigos’ back together!

  12. Dan, is there a new book coming out soon. I Hope so! But if you don’t write a new book you’ll disappoint millions of fans.

  13. Hi Dan my name is James. You came to our school Borden however I wasn’t there because I was playing football for our school. I remember when I came in late and dirty and you signed my glove.
    Who is your favourite Premier League team?
    Do you remember me?

  14. Dan could you write another jj book about his foxborough youth. If you don’t want to that’s fine but I do really love your jj books.

  15. Hey Dan, I’m David From St John Fisher. My school librarian came to book thingy (not to sure what it’s called) and she got u to sign a bookmark for me last year (Still getting used to the new year)

  16. Hey Dan i wanted to know if you can write another Jamie Johnson book and only if it’s possible include someone called Jason if you do it would be greatly appreciated and i wanted to know if you could come to my school it’s Strandtown Primary School.

    P.S look out for a letter soon from a boy called jason

    1. You will have to ask your teachers if you would like me to visit Jason. I am getting a lot of requests for a new book. It’s hard to refuse!

  17. Just finished watching series 2 of jamie johnson any ideas when series 3 will be out? Do you know if you are doing a new book read final whistle years ago and it’s still killing me not knowing whether he scores

    1. I will keep you posted Ismail. I have had a lot of requests asking for a new book! It’s great to know that the fans want to see more of JJ!

  18. Dan, why the cast changes in the JJ CBBC series? Also, why are Born to Play, Skills From Brazil, Kick Off and Shoot to Win all mashed to into one series (not season)

    1. We had to have some cast changes in the second series as some of the actors and actresses had other commitments. They do a great don’t they? The script writers for the series had the job of the story line for the series.

  19. Hi Dan, I was wondering if it’s possible to feature classic players like Jean Pierre Papin, Thierry Henry or Chris Waddle since I feel children in the modern era won’t know who they are and how good of a player they were.

  20. Hi Dan I just want to know when’s your next book and when’s the next series of Jamie Johnson sorry last question but did you know how big ronaldo was going to be now bye

    1. Hi Breen,
      Well, he seemed to know how big he was going to be, so that gave me a clue – but I was still surprised to see the incredible career he’s gone on to have!

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