[box]Born to Play[/box]

The Book that Inspired the TV Series!

With the ball at his feet, Jamie’s brain was clear and free. Free for football. Programmed to play. Set to score.

The bullies at school and big problems at home are threatening to destroy Jamie’s dream of becoming a Premier League star. Jamie knows it’s time to show everyone his true talent…time to prove once and for all that he was…born to play.

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[box]Skills from Brazil[/box]

Before the packed stadiums
Before he became a huge star.
Jamie Johnson had to learn from the best.

Jamie is the top player at his school but there’s something missing from his game.
He needs that bit of extra flair. He wants that touch of magic. Can the once-in-a-lifetime chance to train on the beaches of Brazil give Jamie the skills to become a legend?

Skills from Brazil
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[box]The Kick Off[/box]

Jamie’s heart seemed to be beating all through his body. Everything depended on him.
He had to score.

Jamie Johnson’s desperate to become his school’s star football player (and in his dreams, a top professional too).
He’s got so much to prove, and not just on the pitch – so why are’n’t his mum, teachers and best mates on his side?
The pressure’s on – has Jamie got what it takes?

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[box]Shoot to Win[/box]

Jamie was in shock.  His mouth hung open
The coach couldn’t just take him off the team!

Jamie’s got a huge match coming up and everything to play for – scouts from the top clubs are coming to watch!  But though he can’t wait to show off his latest move, the new coach is bearing a grudge…Has Jamie missed his chance?

Shoot to Win
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[box]Golden Goal[/box]

“Take it with both hands, Jamie, but never change. Be yourself. Remember what got you here.”

There’s a huge buzz around Jamie Johnson.
He’s being talked about as one of the country’s most talented young players. The press and fans are following his every move, and he can’t believe how much his life has changed. But the biggest challenge of Jamie’s career is just around the corner…

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[box]Man of the Match[/box]

Jamie rocketed forward.
Nothing was going to stop him today.
Nothing in the world

Jamie Johnson is playing the best football of his life for his beloved Hawkstone.  But surviving at the top of the league isn’t easy.  After Hawkstone splash out on a big new signing, Jamie suddenly has a serious rival on the team.  And when a series of framatic events threaten his game,  Jamie fears it could be all over…

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[box]World Class[/box]

“World class – genuine world class – that’s for ever. Now, the question is: Are YOU world class?

It’s the big one! At last, the World Cup beckons for Jamie Johnson. It’s the defining moment of his career. But which country will he play for? And will his special skills match up against the greatest players on earth?

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[box]Final Whistle[/box]

This was the team of teams. The club of clubs. And now they wanted him to join.

A transfer to the best club in the world beckons for Jamie Johnson. This is big. This is huge! However, a time bomb is already ticking within Jamie…Is the final whistle about to blow?

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